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A Brief Explanation of Colossal Reel Slot Machines

Colossal Reels – What Are They?

Colossal reels were originally developed by WMS and introduced in land-based casinos. The appearance of this feature revolutionized slot gameplay in both land-based as well as online casinos across the world. Unlike the standard slots, where the player is restricted with a single set of reels, colossal reels have an entirely different gameplay structure by expanding the playground to 2 separate 5 reel sets, a conventional, smaller one with 3 rows and the additional, colossal set of 12 rows. With the extra set of reels, the player’s chances of gaining are significantly improved and the overall payout potential is increased.

The following group of features is what usually differentiates colossal reels from the classic slots:

How Slots with Colossal Reels Work?

Slot machines with colossal reels offer about 100 ways to win and they comprise stacked symbols which enhance your chances of gaining something positive. They also allow you to increase and decrease the number of active pay lines you are operating. The transfer winds feature is also an important feature in distinguishing colossal reel slots. If you receive a stack of the wilds on the grids, they will clone and transfer to the next grid thus multiplying your earnings. If you get two sets of reels, you get double chances of gaining. If you have not played colossal reel slots or are finding it hard to understand how they work, you can try experimenting with casino games online with colossal reel slots from different platforms.

Some of the Most Popular WMS Colossal Slots

As the developer that came up with the concept, it is no wonder WMS has some of the most memorable and popular Colossal Reels such as Epic Monopoly, Spartacus Gladiator of Rome and Giant’s Gold.

Pros of Playing Colossal Reels

Colossal reels have proven to be some of the most mind-boggling features in casino gaming. The two reels not only improve the game but also, they increase your chances of gaining. However, it is important to bear in mind that just like in any other game, playing colossal reels comes with advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. The main advantage of this game is the double reels which double your chances of getting something positive. 

  2. Colossal reels add to the overall excitement and thrill of the game.

  3. With the transformation achieved by colossal reel feature, the players have a reason to smile as they can now enjoy an array of options that provide an opportunity to gain handsomely and at the same time enjoy fun moments.

Cons of Colossal Reels

  1. Playing simultaneously on 2 reel sets can improve your chances of getting a positive outcome but also implies a larger scale betting, which does not go down well with many players.

  2. Many players argue that colossal reels are designed to financially drain the player.

  3. Due to the potential financial drain that colossal reels slots can inflict on the players, many feel that free spins and stacked symbols are simply a bait, created for the sole purpose of deceiving inexperienced players.

  4. There are only a few platforms to play colossal reels and they have a low RTP of 95%. 

Should You Go for Colossal Slot Machines?

As other slots in the casino industry, colossal reels are neither good nor bad in their essence, they are just a type of structure designed to appeal to a specific profile of players who love to play casino games online. Just like with any other kind of high or low volatility slot, the choice will eventually be made according to how much money you are willing to bet and whether or not you are patient enough to endure dry spells in pursuit of something positive. But before indulging in colossal reel slots, you should ensure that you have gained the necessary experience by playing free reels. And once you have gained experience, be cautious with how you stake. You should set aside a reasonable budget to avoid spending your finances. On that note, if you were looking for a new casino game online to indulge in, be sure to try out online colossal reel slots. You certainly won’t regret the experience!

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