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An Introduction To Netflix Roulette

Before understanding what Netflix online Roulette is, you have to understand Reelgood, the organization, which is currently one of the most important parts of this. Before becoming Netflix Reelgood, it was an important app, which had been launched in the year 2015. It had been constantly allowing users to look for and also filter movies and shows based on the streaming devices that they were using. You could easily filter genres, Rotten tomatoes, ratings, and most importantly the release dates. 

The Netflix online Roulette app was created in the year 2014 by one 18-year-old boy, Andrew Sampson. He created the app, which allows users to select a format and genre of any show or movie, which they were interested in watching. The app randomly generates several results based on the criteria of the user. This popularity started increasing in 2017 and Reelgood approached Sampson for acquiring all the rights. 

Features Associated with Netflix Roulette

Netflix’s online Roulette is now one of the most important parts of Reelgood. The API of Roulette can make use of the search engine of Reelgood for achieving amazing results. This is because the library of movies and shows is also huge. Apart from that, you can filter based on different streaming devices. For instance, if you are interested in watching something on HBO Go, you can edit the preferences by deselecting every other streaming service. As soon as you find a show, which looks extremely promising, you are going to be redirected to a web-based streaming service of that particular show. An interesting version of Netflix online Roulette is the date night version, which will particularly filter romantic movies which you can enjoy with your special person. Apart from that, you also have the option of filtering the search results based on the IMDB scores. 

How Can Netflix Online Roulette Be Used

You can filter the search based on different genres, kinds, which are movies and TV shows, IMDB scores and the score of rotten tomatoes. As soon as you choose the criteria, it is almost similar to playing online Roulette. You only have to concentrate on spinning the button for receiving a result. The genres that can be chosen include animation, action and adventure, biography, crime, comedy, children, cult, drama, documentary, fantasy, family, food, history, game show, horror, home and garden, independent, mystery, musical, romance, reality, sport, science fiction, thriller, stand up and talk, and travel. 

If you are trusting IMDB along with rotten tomatoes, you will be able to filter scores between 5 and 9 and also, 50 to 90% respectively for every site. It can be disappointing that Netflix online Roulette will hardly let you pick any score which is below 50%. It is responsible for animated movies that are not good. It is also important to keep in mind that Netflix has one of the biggest collections of Bollywood movies. If you are clicking on the spin without specifying your search criteria, you will also come across Indian movies as the search results. A good feature that can be implemented in the future is filtering results based on specific regions. You should also remember that Netflix is not the only service where Roulette can be used. 

Connection with Gambling

Now comes an important question, and that is, how is Netflix Roulette connected to online Roulette. This is the desire of any gambler to participate in taking a chance. The random throwing of dice without knowing where it is been thrown should be extremely pleasing to the instance of gambling. The scenario is the same in the case of Netflix. When you type something, you may or may not get the exact movie but you will get several other movies along with it. You cannot choose the results that will appear in front of you. 

This is almost like gambling because, in the case of online Roulette, you will not be able to choose the results that you are going to receive. Apart from that, many movies are associated with online gambling, which takes gamblers to the real world of gambling, which is truly mesmerising.

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