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Explained: Any 7 Bet In Detail

Remember playing dice and predicting the number that would come up next time the dice got rolled? We have all done this in childhood and the one whose prediction was true rejoiced as if some superpower has been granted to him or her. It used to extreme fun. If you miss this fun, try the game of craps. The game of craps takes this simple game to a new level.

In the game of craps, there is a shooter who rolls the dice. This person can be a dedicated person who is responsible for rolling dice or can be one among the players. If the shooter has is one of the players, each player gets a turn to roll the dice. In this game, a player can bet in several ways-

Let’s know any 7 bet better:

Any 7 bet is a bet made in craps when a single dice is rolled. The bet is placed by a player that says that the next number rolled will be 7. This means that there are be 3 possibilities that the player wins that is- 1-6, 2-5 and 3-4.

In a game of craps, the probability of winning any 7 bet is pretty high and thus seven is one of the easy combinations to get on the table of the craps game. When the player places the ‘any seven bet’, whichever number might come of the dice, (any number from one to six) there is always a hope of getting a number on the next roll that could sum up to 7. Which is not true for any number other than 7.

Explanation: If the number rolled first is 6, the next roll’s outcome cannot be 1. This rules out one rolls and reduces the probability to 1 out of 6 to 1 out of 5.

The usual payout of any 7 bet is 4 to 1. The bet is also known as a ‘Big red’ bet. This bet might also be indicated using a red stripe on the grid on the craps table. The any-7 bet makes the craps game easier and even more interesting.

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