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All you need to know about blackjack double down

Since its origin, blackjack has been many casino players’ all-time favourite casino game. Let’s explore more about the strategy of blackjack double-down and its benefits.

Apart from the benefits, unlike other casino games like roulette, the players can use the blackjack double-down strategy to play the game.

Even though luck is required, seasoned players with unique strategies have a better chance of winning the game. So let’s discuss this at great length in the below article. Keep reading!

What is blackjack double down?

Similar to a standard  Blackjack game where the player tries to beat the dealer by scoring more points closer to 21. In blackjack, players are offered two cards, and the betting option is closed. Whereas, when you use the double-down strategy, you have the choice to make an additional bet for an extra card. The betting amount will be double the initial bet.

As we know, the concept behind blackjack is pretty simple: to win, you need to get as close as possible to 21, thereby beating the dealer. 

Later, you will receive two cards, look into the dealer’s face-up card, and choose to stand, hit or double down.

When you choose to double down in this stage, you can match your first bet with a new one along with a new card. 

Now you are loaded with a bigger bet with which you hope to win a desirable return by gaining the upper hand. It is better to go for the double-down option only if you are confident of beating the dealer.

How to double down in blackjack

Doubling down can be a game changer if you use it properly at the right moment. It can help you gain more returns if you have the upper hand in beating the dealer. At the same time, it could be risky if you are not well aware of its correct application. So, to fit in the doubling down in your strategy, you should learn about it and have a clear understanding of this strategy. 

Also, the right way to utilise a double down depends on where you play the game. Online and mobile casinos are the best option if you plan to use double down on your blackjack game. This is because they have a button on the screen saying “double”. It will make your job easy by doubling your bet instantly. This is one of the reasons behind the popularity of online blackjack games.

Closeup of blackjack table

As some of you already know, the blackjack doubling-down process is available in brick-and-mortar casinos too. But there are notable differences in the procedure compared to mobile and online casinos. But before using the doubling down technique in a land-based casino, it is crucial to know about the casino’s policy on doubling down.

Casinos carry different rules and regulations regarding doubling down, so it’s better to know first before putting your hope high. Also, there are scenarios where casinos allow players to double down in certain situations. Players double down in land-based casinos by stacking a pile of casino chips next to their first bet. However, this facility is not available in a few casinos.

 In that case, you need to inform your dealer about your wish to go with doubling down in your blackjack session. It can proceed by showing hand signals and certain gestures such as thumbs up, snapping fingers, and holding two fingers together well, depending on the casino you choose to go to.

When should you consider doubling down in blackjack?

As we discussed earlier, perfect timing plays a crucial role in the success of your doubling down technique in blackjack games as in online roulette. Avoid making impulsive decisions and be a responsive gambler while playing blackjack, as it can be very tempting. If you are wondering, what is the perfect timing to double down? Let’s get into the instances.

Doubling down vs. splitting

There is an ongoing debate among blackjack lovers on which is better, doubling down or split. But as we know, doubling down is the best strategy to achieve your desired result. Hence most mastered blackjack players prefer a “doubling down strategy” over all other popular techniques in blackjack.

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