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The Craps Rules; Ultimate Game of Chance


Fans of games of chance have found in craps the preferred option to decide the luck on an event throughout history. With these numbered cubes, the winners in many contests have been determined. And who has not been tempted to try their luck sometimes through these popular cubic pieces?

Craps rules are extremely easy to understand. In online casino games, the winning numerical combination formula is planned in advance and can be obtained in one or more rounds of shooting after pressing the “Roll On” button, this, of course, always under the regulations of what today we know as Craps rules.

It is more than obvious to note that before starting the game, each bettor must be sure that he knows all the rules. In craps, the rules are precise and must be known by both online casino players, and land-based casino players.

Rules of Craps

Craps rules are the same for both online and physical versions. Actions, passes and rounds are done figuratively in the simulator or virtual machine. As we have been pointing out, the ideal way to succeed in the game of craps will always be to be very attentive to the rules.

The first step consists of placing the corresponding bets, which revolve around choosing between the already known modalities, such as the pass line and the do not pass line.

Let’s see what each one consists of:

Under Craps rules, you lose when you get an 11 or a 7. When obtaining numbers other than 2, 3, 12, 11 or 7, the dealer will place an indicative on the table that reflects the sum you have obtained, which will allow you to continue in the round.

How To Play Craps Online?

This game consists of leaving the luck of the bet in two dice that when thrown randomly, determine who the winner is. Everything happens according to the Craps rules that have been scheduled before starting the play.

As in the real versions, the methodology that will be used for the play relative to the pass line or no pass line must be established, as well as the type of bet that will set the tone for the game. Each player will roll the dice according to their turn in the round, understanding that online, there is only one player against the house.

The advantage of playing craps online is that the stage fright generated by competing with a large number of experienced players crowded around the table dissipates.

In the same way, the confusion resulting from the terms and plays, as well as the bets on the table, will be easier to master in the comfort of a computer or failing that, a smartphone.

Online, the game allows you to enter as many times as you want with the particularity of accessing free spins. The ease of these online platforms means that you do not need to download the game on your computer or mobile device. And in the case that you want to play in real money bets, the payment methods and systems are reliable, safe and endorsed by recognized payment portals. Your bonuses and earnings will be safe.


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