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What Is A Defensive Wager?

The term defensive wager is associated with the game of poker where players can make defensive bets in the course of a poker match. This method is widely applied to trick an opponent player into calling early. So, if you are playing a poker match at an online casino and realise that you do have a strong hand but do not wish to risk spending on a potential loss, you might well apply this technique. With this tactic, you can control the losses by wrapping up around quicker.

How does defensive wager work?

Experts suggest that this tactic is best for the experienced poker players though every player is different and may have varying techniques that they use to enhance winning and reduce risk. The player using this mechanism may not have too much time to think or limit the damage when the other player has a better hand to actually beat him. This technique, however, is one that should be used occasionally and not regularly at a match. It’s not exactly a long-term game plan as it serves only a specific form of hand drawn.

Defensive wager makes for a smaller stake which keeps the other players guessing your strength of hand while doubting their own. A defensive bet keeps the opponents interested in the game and can serve as a great bluffing tool on an occasion when the cards in hand are not guaranteed to win the particular round. Many poker players use this bet to threaten their opponents at the table into calling. The tactic may not exactly fit into the strategy of new players as there are quite a few risks that tag along with its use. This does add a little strength and security to players who wish to play out their hands but are not confident on whether such as hand can win.

Most world-class online casinos offer the latest poker variants playable with real money and strategies as the defensive wager can really be effective when used at the right time in helping players control loss of money. Some of the popular poker games include Deuces Wild Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker, Louisiana Double Poker, Jacks or Better to name a few.

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