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Hollandish Roulette System Explained

Roulette is the game where the player chooses few numbers, a group of numbers or colours and then spins the wheel and bets on it. There are various systems of betting and Hollandish roulette is one of the systems of roulette. The Hollandish roulette is a short term working strategy where after losing a few bets a player can hope for the win. In short, the Hollandish system is a neat negative progressive plan. In Hollandish system instead of one bet per ’round’, the player places three wagers on every round of betting. The stakes only increase if you lose the majority of bets otherwise remains the same.

Working of Hollandish system

If you observe keenly the Hollandish system works like the martingale system. In the martingale system, your chances to win big in a short span of time is more. Although in this system you win more spins still the amount remains less because you bet big on small amounts. In the Hollandish roulette system, once you lose bets, your stakes increase. If you win, your bet resets to a base unit stake, even in Hollandish Roulette system you get thrice the spins than the normal where you get to bet 3 times on one number or a group of three numbers. Hence your winning chances increases automatically. The only difference is that you get to bet three different times in the Hollandish system, there are three separate bets in one round.

In the Hollandish system, you lose two or maximum three bets, and then you increase your stakes. Every time you lose, the stakes in the Hollandish system increase by two. So the units would start at one, then go three, five, seven, nine, eleven, and so on. It is a negative progression which means that you raise the size of your bets only when you lose.

Playing the Hollandish staking plan at the table

Let’s consider we are playing on the European roulette table. When you start with betting and put $1 first then after 3 spins you tend to win $3. The player can pick red because it pays even money. Unfortunately, all three bets in the round lose and the player’s unit now increases to three. That means you are now betting $9 – three bets worth $3 each. In this scenario now if you lose two bets out of the three that you placed then you increase the stakes by $5 or each bet by $5. When you win the next bets then your base unit will go back to 1 unit and the game will go on. The Hollandish System uses any of the following progressions:


1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11

As you can see, with progression #1, you increase the size of your bets at each level of the progression by double the size of your lowest bet.


2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26

As you can see, there’s no real difference between the 2 progressions. They just have a different size starting bet. You could easily choose progression #3, below:


10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110

If you think of the bet sizes as “units” instead of dollars, these progressions make more sense.


When you are not sure of winning and you have lost a few spins but you have chances of winning at least one out of the three spins then Hollandish system is advantageous in that case. A round featuring two losing spins and one winning spin will still return some of the stakes to the player. Only on a terrible round of bets do the stakes increase.

Since you have more chances of betting the probability of winning increases. It is almost 47.47%

The bankroll of the players can be well managed in the Hollandish system. Because you are bunching together spins in groups of three you have a better handle on when your stakes go up or down.

You can try your luck with Hollandish Roulette and win good bucks!

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