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How are Multipliers Useful in Online Slot Games?

Online slot games are growing in trend while becoming popular among the gamblers. When we talk about slot games, multipliers are one of the most common features you will come across while playing. If you are a beginner, the question may arise in your mind – What are multipliers and why are these needed? Multipliers simply give a player a chance to increase their wins while playing online slots. These allow you to double or triple your wins, which can go up to 100 or 1000 times. Multipliers multiply your wins by a specific figure and must be triggered in order to achieve the highest game payouts

There are different kinds of multipliers and in this article we are going to learn about them and how they are used in slot games. 

Wondering what are Multipliers?

Don’t we all love to win? So if you are playing online slot games that feature multipliers, you are on the right path. In fact, these are the most attractive features of a slot game. As the name suggests, multipliers help in multiplying bets, total wins and line wins by a fixed amount to increase the winnings. You must also know that a lot of gaming slots don’t feature multipliers. 

Therefore, if you prefer having multipliers, it is always recommended to check the game’s paytable before playing. 

Some multipliers are quite understandable while some are not. Also, some slot games tell exactly how a particular win is calculated. There are multipliers which increase the entire win while others only multiply line bets or total bets. 

Presenting to You the Different Types of Multipliers

Base Play Multipliers

Multipliers in base game spins are quite uncommon. It’s difficult to get slot machine multiplier symbols when the player doesn’t have Free Spins, unless your game gets a random feature with a multiplier. However, this doesn’t mean all the games will have them, though having them is a bonus. 

While playing a slot game with a base game multiplier, your payline value will be multiplied with the amount of the multiplier. For example, if the player hits a 5-of-a-kind that has a x3 multiplier, the player is eligible to win thrice the amount displayed on the paytable of that symbol. Base play multipliers are something you won’t see so often. 

Free Spin Multipliers

These are the most common and generous types of multipliers. Free Spin Multipliers come in different varieties. Few slot machines that have multipliers reward the player with random multipliers whereas others come with predefined multipliers. There are slot machines which also allow the player to choose their own multiplier. If you pick a higher multiplier, the fewer the Free Spins you recieve. 

Sometimes multipliers are the ones that differentiate Free Spins from the base game. Also, the multiplier increases with the number of times you win. 

For instance, if someone is playing Mega Moolah Isis Slot, you will receive a x6 multiplier with Free Spins. Therefore, all your wins will be multiplied by 6 while offering you a dream hit no matter what the bet size is. 

Scattered Multipliers

There are scattered symbols in the multiplier slot machines and these symbols are doubled as multipliers. In such cases, scattered symbols are not required to show on a winning payline. Whereas, they can show anywhere on the reels in order to win. 

Multiplying Wilds

Multiplying Wilds are another popular multipliers you will come across. Wild symbol usually works as a multiplier so if a player gets a winning combination which has one wild, the win shall be multiplied by the multiplier on the basis of the slot game’s paytable.  An example of a very common wild is x2. 

Slots with Big Multipliers

If you are keen to try few multiplier wins, following are few of the biggest slot machines available with multipliers :

However, whatever slots you wish to play, you must know that it’s not necessary that you’ll make a huge win everytime you play. This signifies that you must take note of all the aspects of a paytable before beginning to play any game. 

Pros of Gaming Slots with Multipliers 

Cons of Gaming Slots with Multipliers

Playing Slot Games with Multipliers 

A player gets excited while being cautious whenever they see a multiplier slot feature on the paytable. We get excited due to the possibilities of making a huge payoff and cautious because multipliers seem the only way to win big. The main task is to look for real money slots with a right balance. 

A player gets two chances to win big during the Free Spin or base game. Besides, there are Grid slots which are quite a value for money as they lead to bigger wins while offering multipliers to the players. 


We hope you now have a clear understanding of the purpose of multipliers in online slot games along with their different types. Therefore, if you indulge in online slot gaming, you know what multipliers to use and when. You just have to go through the paytable of a slot game in order to know what multipliers it features. 

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