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Loose Deuces: Five Card Draw Poker Game

One term of many terms in the gambling world that one needs to know is the term ‘Loose deuces’. The term loose deuces is referred to the variation on the single player game for a five card draw on a video poker game.

The aim of the game:

Loose deuces is a game that creates the best winning hand by taking advantage of deuces. The strongest possible hand is created from starting the hand of cards working from the five cards originally dealt by the dealer. It is played in online video poker.

The Loose Deuce Game- How It Proceeds

The players try to make the best hand possible by treating the deuces got on being dealt 5 cards by the dealer. The same can be done when the deuces are treated as wild cards. The opening of the game is done by the player choosing the number of hands that the player wishes to play in every round. The players need to add their starting credits by tossing in the chips at the beginning of the game. The dealer deals the cards in the normal way. When this happens, the players have to decide which cards they need to play and which hands to keep and which hands to be discarded. The player discards the hands in the hope of making better hands in the next deal. This goes on until all players have either discarded or kept the hands. When every player has played, the round is completed.

Some Rules Of The Loose Deuce:

Similar to deuce wild, the number 2 from every suit is a wild card. The common definition of a wild card is that it can be treated like any other card and can be substituted for any card from the deck. When we say that 2s are wild cards in a loose deuce, it means that 2 can be substituted as any card and can be used to form a winning combination. Just like in the usual poker, the highest card combination is a royal flush out. The twist in the game arises with the introduction of the wild card and the double or nothing rule. With these two additions, even the hand with the royal flush can be sceptical of winning.

The payouts for the rounds begins after the round. The payouts get triggered for a combination that consists of four deuces, five of a kind, wild royal having 2s in the same order.

Just like poker, if a player gets the hands like a royal flush, five, four or three of a kind, four deuces, wild royal two, full house, straight or a flush, the player is entitled to the payout. The games completely change in the Loose deuce when a wild card comes into play. The lowest card in the deck that is 2, becomes the card with the highest value as it is treated as a wild card. Thus the player having a lower number of cards can also make three of a kind or four of a kind and win a hand against say a Jack, queen and King combination. With the wild cards in play, the rarest, five of a kind can also be a hand ensuring a win with not so very strong cards.

The player should be able to decide which cards to discard and which cards to keep in the anticipation of getting a wild card and winning the game. With the wild cards in play, the loose deuce becomes a very interesting game. It has a lot of high points and a lot of unexpected wins and thus is extremely thrilling.

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