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Most Frequently Used Casino Phrases

In a real-life gambling establishment, playing for the first time can be difficult for different players. It’s a lot of various new gambing options as well as experiences. You may have to think about how you appear before other players.

Don’t be afraid! You can look like a professional gambler by learning these most popular casino phrases you’ll be hearing. You’ll have more confidence at the table when you are familiar with gambling terms and the vocabulary of casinos. These are some of the top frequently used casino phrases:


Action is the casino phrases that is used to describe casino games. It is common to see action in table games such as blackjack and roulette, and slot machines. There is a chance that a dealer will say, “The action is on you,” meaning it’s your turn to take action.


The amount you set aside for gambling is known as your bankroll. For most of us, it’s the amount of money we are willing to gamble when we go to a casino. Their bankroll represents the sum they have to use to “work for professional gamblers.”

Limit on Bet/Betting

Bets are also referred to as a bet, which is the amount you bet on a roulette game or blackjack. It is also the amount you put into the game’s spin. Certain table games have wagering limitations. For instance, you could choose a blackjack table where the betting limit is $10. This is one of the most used casino phrases.


If you are the first to sit down to play at the table, You will have to convert your cash into the equivalent of a casino token also known as chips. The amount you pay is known as the buy-in. When playing poker tournaments, the buy-in is the price of entry.


You may earn an income during your trip to the gambling establishment. If so, then you will not receive cash at the hands of the casino dealer. Instead, you will take your chip to the cage, which is the safest section of the casino and convert your chips to gorgeous cash. If you’re looking at the casino’s terms of winning, you need to be accustomed to the cage. It is one of the most used casino phrases.

Card Sharp

A proficient player in poker games is known as an expert in card games. However, you’ll be delighted playing with a sharp player in blackjack, as the player is cashing in the dealer’s money. You do not intend to play poker as he could be winning money.

Card Washing

The process of washing cards does not require using a cloth and soapy water and then rubbing the cards. Instead, the dealer distributes the cards face-down and mixes them before shuffling. 

The majority of casino tables come with automatic shuffling machines that reduce time, and this is an example of casino slang that is not often employed nowadays. It is also one of the most used casino phrases.


Running cold is an athlete who is losing a streak. A game that isn’t making money could be referred to as being cold. However, one, which is running hot, is more appealing. This is one of the most used casino phrases.


When you play at casinos, ensure that you join Club. Then, you collect points, referred to as comps, when you gamble. In time, you’ll be able to turn these comps into tangible rewards such as the free buffet or money off the cost of a hotel.


Croupier is a French casino phrases used to describe a dealer at a table and isn’t commonly used within the US. You could be able to impress people in the vicinity with the language you use in your casino.

Double or Nothing

A bet type that is even in value means that when it wins, you get double your winnings; however, when you lose, you’ll receive nothing. Examples include black or red or even or odd roulette bets. It is one of the most famous casino phrases.

Face cards

Also known as picture cards, they are also known as face cards. They are the jacks queens and kings found in the card deck. In the majority of casino games, they are valued at 10.

High Roller

After several successful visits to casinos, you could be a high roller with a substantial account that can afford to play greater stakes and risk more to earn greater rewards.

House Edge

A casino is a form of business known as the house. You may have heard the expression, “The house always wins.” Unfortunately, in the long term, that is the case since every game on the casino table and the slot machine is programmable to the favor of the house, referred to as”the edge of the house. If there were any house edge casinos that would lose money, they would eventually shut down.


Sometimes referred to as juice, you can think of it as the commission casinos pay on specific games such as Baccarat or craps. It is one of the most used casino phrases.

Pit boss

When you’re at a table such as blackjack games, you’ll see a smartly dressed person in a booth near the dealer. The pit boss is, and his job is to supervise fair play in all instances.


It’s not uncommon to see spectators watching games in casinos. They’re called railbirds; however, they must remain at a safe distance to ensure that they don’t interfere with the game or the game players.


A toke is a different word for tipping. It is considered polite to pay the dealer a small amount when you’re winning during blackjack or after winning a poker pot.

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