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What Is Poker Donkey?

A Poker donkey refers to a player who for one reason or the other is playing quite badly. It calls to mind an inexperienced or unwise player who foolishly swims against the flow and refuses to fold blatantly poor hands. Such a player is also called a donk.

In Video Poker, a well-experienced player might go as far as announcing that they are either playing badly or will in future by saying something like “ I will certainly donk up today.” Or “I donked it.” As well, any video poker tournament in which there are lots and lots of Poker donkey players can be sarcastically referred to as a donkament.

Back in the days before this became a widely accepted term for such inexcusably poor players, they were referred to as pigeons, fish or underdogs. Some were even called an ATM, which was apparently due to their propensity to dispense wads of their money to all in view, because of their execrable playing. Now, experienced players either get frustrated playing with a poker donkey or find a way to make their numerous mistakes of such work for their benefit.

Poker Donkey- An Intense View

From the dawn of time, the donkey has always been renowned for its stubbornness, willful ignorance and somewhat limited intelligence. On the poker scene, such traits are forever being exhibited by players of all stripes.

Players given this label might have a predilection for calling every possible hand, calling continuously despite having bad cards, and even going all-in with poor hands. They are stubborn in that they keep playing and betting on the hand no matter that it’s practically worthless and despite seeing other players putting their money where their mouths are by hiking the wager.

The Poker donkey term is often used for a player that defeats another with a stronger hand. Occasionally, players are mischievously labelled as a Poker donkey by those they beat, despite the fact that they were playing wisely and triumphed due to either skill or luck.

Weak players are rarely referred to as Poker donkeys, due to the fact that they are so unsure of themselves that they are highly likely to fold excellent hands they should have played to the end. They also lack the brashness and stubbornness attributed to a poker donkey but might be so called by other players in an online casino.

Poker Donkey Attributes

They overplay hands with really low odds of success. Thus, a poker donkey might choose to play a 7-2, instead of folding as any experienced poker player would.
Yakking away at everything and anything. Discussing the hands they had before and leaking information that lets other players know all about their strategy and playing style.
Displaying their cards following a successful bluff and gloating about how good they are.
Too frequently going all-in, either because they have a somewhat good hand or as a bluff.
Excessive use of bluffs.
Calling as many cards as they can, regardless of the cards they were dealt and where they are located on the poker table.
Going on a tilt following a beat.
Raising the stakes when they cannot even properly benefit from so doing.

Now, experienced poker players can either despise or love poker donkeys. When Lady Luck is smiling down on a poker donkey, that can get irritating. When this happens, experienced players should try to keep a cool head, and wait out the run of luck.

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