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What Is A Live Blind In Poker Games?

Live blind is a forced bet in the game of poker. It is majorly in played in hold’em Poker. Hold’em is the variation in poker where you deal 2 hole cards and 5 community cards. The number of blinds is usually two, but it can range from none to three. These bets of the live blind are played before the hand of poker game starts. The player playing the blind still needs to check, call or raise till the blind remains live. So the blind is played before the poker game starts live.

Going live means any particular action that is yet to be played or performed. To be more specific if some cards are yet to be visible or dealt with a player in the game then that is going live in poker. It can also be applied to the cards which are discarded or mucked. Usually, all blind games use live blinds and the blinds are live bets which indicates two things:

The live blind is actually the game in which the player posts who take their blind in turn, that is endorsed towards a call or raise. On the other hand, if a player is making up for blinds allocated to the pot, only the big blind amount is considered as live. The small blinds along with any owed blinds are considered dead because they cannot be credited towards a call or raise. The small blind is normally half the big blind. They are also called as dead blind.

When a player is new on the table he has the option to post right away or wait for the big blind. In case he chooses to wait, no cards will be dealt until it is the player’s turn. In order to receive the cards instantly, the new player should always bet the number of big blinds instead of small ones. And in such particular situations, both the post and the big blind are considered as live blinds, which means that players on the big blind and players who post are allowed to raise their blind bets.

If an active, or live player at the table chooses to sit out of the game, and the player misses at least one or more than one blinds. After the player returns to the game, the player should either post both the big and small blinds, or he can wait for the big blind to come nearby to his chance so that the cards can probably be dealt. In this situation, only the big blind is live, and the remaining small blind goes into the pot.

The forced bet that is played before the player plays a hand after returning to the game after being absent from the previous rounds. These live blinds are there in play in both, the online as well as in the land-based casino. The player should very smartly use blinds. As there is no escape to the blinds, the player might as well use the blinds to their advantage. Nevertheless, it is possible to play without blinds in poker with everyone posting an ante to receive cards on the table.

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