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The Top Poker Players of All Time

Gambling is an art and some people have really aced it! From past to today, we have come across some people who really understood the niche of gaming and gambling. They went on to become some of the brightest stars of the poker industry.
Here is a glimpse into their lives of the top poker players and gambling career.

David Edward – The youngest of the top poker players

David Edward from Centerville Ohio became the youngest of the top poker players listed on the Poker Hall of Fame. Since childhood, he was introduced to Poker. In spite of plans to pursue a law degree, his visit to Las Vegas in the 70s pulled him towards his real calling. In a couple of months, he built up $100,000. Played with a lot of popular poker players, David soon earned a position of Poker room manager. His bankroll increased to $400,000 and soon enough he was able to understand the tactics of poker along with preventing cheating on the table. He married his girlfriend later and went on earning huge in poker. He also won World Series of Poker twice and H.O.R.S.E event in 2006 which won him several thousand dollars and gold bracelets. However, he quit after a few games to keep his family first and eventually died when pneumonia hit him.

Johnny Moss – The cheater turned player!

Johnny Moss was one of the top poker players who aced cheating in poker before he actually learnt the game properly. Born in 1907 in Texas started picking tricks of Poker by watching local poker players! His learning made him an incredible player which earned him a title of ‘The Grand Old Man of Poker’ in 1967. Being the only player to win World Series of Poker 3 times he won several acclamations in the field of Poker. He also won a 5-month long poker marathon against Nick the Greek. He passed away in the year 1995 leaving a legacy of 9 World Series of Poker wins, 8 WSOP gold bracelets and other titles to his name.

Jennifer Harman – The first woman with two gold bracelets at WSOP

Born in Reno Nevada, Jennifer Harman went on to claim titles of World Series of Poker in 2004, two bracelets from WSOP and became one of the top poker players. Harman was a drink mixer during her college days and quite the job when she learnt to play poker in a 5-minute session and found out that she was good at it.

In spite of suffering from a lot of health issues, Jennifer Harman kept at it. She went through two kidney transplants and lived life cherishing the most exciting hobby she had – playing poker. Over the years, she won several titles and established her name in the professional area!

Poker had not just been a game for these top poker players but a career and hobby that they most enjoyed. There is no doubt that luck was on their side that they established their name in the field of the game that sheer depending on how bright your stars are!

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