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What is Blackjack Split and When To Do It

People who are just beginners in the card game would just wonder what Blackjack Split is. You would be surprised to know that Blackjack split can make you lose or win in certain circumstances. Blackjack split is when the player has an initial 2 card hand of the same value.

If ever you are in the situation of Blackjack split where you have 2 cards of the same value then you can split the cards into two hands. This will give you an opportunity to receive one card for each hand from the dealer. 


But to do a Blackjack split, you must have a bet on the new card hands of the same amount as that of the original one. 

When To Do Blackjack Split?

When you are playing Blackjack, you will come across hands that are the most favourable ones to split and then there are cards that you should never split. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the player to decide when and which cards to split. That is why we have this article guiding you in which situation you must go for a split. 


You will find plentiful cards of value 10. So whenever you have a pair of aces, always go for splitting. If in case you have a pair of aces and you decide not to split it then your one card will be given the value of 1 and the other 11. So it’s always better to split in such scenarios. We are saying this because unless you have your next card of value 9 you won’t reach 21. 

But if you Blackjack split your pair of aces then, you will go back to your favourite number 12.


If you are unfortunate to get a pair of cards of value 8 then let me tell you it’s considered a very poor hand. In this case, it really does not matter if you split your initial hand or not.

Still it’s better to split when you have a pair of eights because anything more than 5 will bust you. On the other hand, splitting, it will still give you a fair chance to reach 21.

When To Never Split?

There are times in Blackjack games when you must never opt for Blackjack splitting. We knew you would be impatient to know when one should never do Blackjack split. That is why we have a list of possible hands where splitting is not recommended.


Splitting tens will never land you with the chance to win. It is not considered a wise call because it will give you very little hope of winning even if you go for it.


When you have a pair of fours, it is unnecessary to do a Blackjack split as you can get busted in your next card. The most decent total you can get is 19. But if you split your pair of fours, then only three cards will get you close to a decent total that is, a five, a seven, and a six.


If you ever have a pair of fives in your hand then never go for Blackjack split. It’s foolish to split your pair of fives as you already have a good value of 10. You have a high possibility of winning without doing a Blackjack split. So why do it when it’s unreasonable?

When Blackjack Split depends on the dealer’s up-card

In the Blackjack game, you will sometimes face situations when the decision to split will entirely depend on the dealer’s up-card. To help you out in such crucial crossroads we have made up all possible cases where the dealer’s card will confuse you. 


Here is when you should do Blackjack split and when you shouldn’t.

You’ve got two, three, or seven, and the dealer’s up-card is two to seven (inclusive)

In general, this trio of Blackjack hands is known as stinkers. All come with the opportunity to bust in a hit or two. Divide ’em. Probability determines that you have a better chance of changing your lot.


You’ve got nine and the up-card of the dealer is two to six (including), eight or nine.

It’s insanity to hit on 18, but it’s a beatable hand, so standing is not an impressive place either. Splitting, in this case, is the percentage call.


You’ve got sixes, and the dealer’s up-card is between two and six (inclusive)

Probability-wise, if you break your sixes, you are more likely to beat a dealer with an up-card in this range than if you try to play them as a single hand. Splitting the sixes means you’re going to get a ten. This puts you in a strong spot against a dealer who might bust you well.

Rules of Blackjack Split

Blackjack may have many variants, and it totally depends on the type of game you are playing. Also, some Casinos have their own specific Blackjack rules. So you have to be cautious to understand the rules of the game you are playing. Then you can decide whether you want to split or not.

Though the game may have variants, the basics still remain the same. Let’s have a look at the checklist before doing the Blackjack split.


Blackjack is a very interesting game if you can master the Blackjack splitting technique. Our blog here gives you a very comprehensive guide on what is Blackjack split and the cases when it’s most favourable to do it. Get your strategies ready and prepare to win your game the next time you play Blackjack.

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