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What Is Wonging And Semi-Wonging

Have you ever wondered why some Blackjack experts talk of card counting methods to increase chances of winning? Well, a very popular card counting technique known as the Wonging style is used by a number of veteran Blackjack players at traditional as well as online casinos.

What is the Wonging method: How is it different from Semi-Wonging?

The Wonging technique applied as a back counting strategy in Blackjack was coined after Stanford Wong. It focuses on positive counting and is used to back up for the disadvantage of having multiple decks in the game. Wong popularised this method and after him, Blackjack fans named the back counting strategy after him. Card counters who practise this technique are often referred to as Wongers. The technique emphasises on players entering the game at positive counts or even at mid shoe level.

In Semi-Wonging, players are required to exit a game once their count matches a predetermined stage and then look for another game. When employing this strategy, a lot of players also use the mini-wonging technique in which they back count the tables closer to them and enter the game there. However, players often exit the game as and when they desire though most veterans suggest that the best moment to exit a game is when the count is lesser than zero.

How does Wonging work?

Card counters or Wongers position themselves behind the blackjack table at spots from where they can count the cards at play smoothly. Moreover, seasoned players are capable of back counting cards at several tables at the same time. While sharp minds are at work, the casino mirrors at the brick-and-mortar casinos are used by players to their benefit.

In Wonging, players don’t begin counting until the count is +2 or higher than that in multi-deck Blackjack. Once they see that the game is turning in their favour, they enter the game and participate till the time they see the tables turn or until the next shuffle. As a strategy, card counters stop playing once the house gains back their advantage and wait for a positive count to come through. Experienced Wongers can participate in 25-27 hands every hour approximately with this strategy.

When to exit a game when using the Semi-Wonging method?

With reference to a six-deck game when a player wants to exit at counts lesser than zero, it could indicate that he has not participated in one-third of negative expectation hands. This is in contrast to a situation where he would have done when that using the play-all approach. Moreover, in the play all method, the player would additionally avoid participating in hands from which he expects the worst values. For instance, if the count is negative such as -1, the expectation per hand is likely to be -0.5% while for a count of -2, the expectation per hand could reach up to -1%.

Players who are consistent in quitting the game at unfavourable counts can turn a negligible game into a playable one and simultaneously increase their profits by at least 50%. This can also reduce the risk of ruining the game to a large extent.

Virtues of a Wonging and Semi-Wonging practitioner and current casino practices

While any new player can use the back counting method, experts say that its appropriate use comes with practice. Wongers train themselves to be able to use tighter bet spreads as compared to that used in play-all style. A certain amount of discipline is required to play in advantageous situations as players have to be able to place flat bets.

Many casinos prohibit mid-shoe entry on particular games these days. This means that players cannot enter a game which is already in progress and have to wait until the next shuffle takes place. This rule has been designed to restrict card counters who try to enter the game only during favourable counts. One of the pros of using Wonging is that a player can use his bet spreads without countering increased risk of ruin.

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