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The Blackjack Professional Series High Limit just like the name makes clear is a blackjack variant that’s exclusively designed for the highest of high rollers.

£25.00 is the minimum bet in this blackjack variant, with the maximum being £500.00. A Double Jacks side bet is featured, just like in other Professional Series Blackjack made by the same game developer- NetEnt. This side bet has a payout that maxes out at 100:1, which is incidentally eminently respectable.

Read on for a thorough overview of this high stakes fun!

Go High With Blackjack Professional Series High Limit!

The view in the Blackjack Professional Series High Limit is presented in a realistic manner. The graphics are quite slick, as are the audio effects. The backdrop audio features a sweet jazz number, that is interspersed with the sounds of the game as cards are drawn, dealt with and tossed.

The game can be speeded up or slowed down as desired and everything works as if there’s actually a live dealer overseeing the action. Bet options include New Bet and Rebet, while the rules, regulations and the featured payout can be easily accessed and read at leisure.

Live The Dream With Blackjack Professional Series High Limit

As previously mentioned, the Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has the Double Jacks bonus side bet. 4 standard card decks are used during gameplay, thereby potentially making available a couple of pairs consisting of Jacks of Spades. These have a payout of 100:1.

Apart from this, there’s also a payout of 25:1 for other Jacks. This makes it possible for this side bet option to have a potential payout that’s capped at 112,500.00. This payout is incidentally way more than can be gained from a trio of Blackjack hands, which are all split and doubled.

A payout of 3:2 is offered for Blackjack, with the insurance side bet paying out at 2:1. However, players in this Blackjack variant are permitted to double following splits.

Final Thoughts

The Blackjack Professional Series High Limit has really slick gameplay and audio effects and offers an exclusive experience to high rollers. The payout potential is as varied as the dance styles at a carnival and the provision of multi-hand games certainly adds to the enjoyability. Overall, this game delivers in all areas and should be checked out to the limit!

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Game Summary

Name: Blacjkack Professional Series High Limit

Posted On: 31/10/2018

Author: Darren Henley