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The Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit apparently aims to make gameplay accessible to anyone and everyone. This is made possible via its use of ultra-low bets that range from 0.10p to £5.00, without gameplay quality being sacrificed.

The Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit is made by NetEnt and would be perfect for beginners who are unused to the game of blackjack. Once these are acquired with the needed skills and confidence, they can then progress to the Blackjack Professional Series High Limit, which is also made by the same company and is designed for high rollers looking for high rolling action.

All About Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit

Like most other casino games from NetEnt, Blackjack Professional Series Low Limits has some charming 3D graphics that are quite easy on the eyes. This is complemented by slick animation effects, as well as themed audio that sounds very much like the real thing.

Gameplay in Blackjack Professional Series Low Limits closely follows standard blackjack rules. Thus, to win, players are required to get a hand that is worth 21 points or as near to this value as possible. The player must as well have a hand that’s worth more than those held by the dealer, without either party having hands that exceed 21 in value.

During gameplay, should the universe perfectly align and players receive a hand that consists of an ace, as well as another card that’s valued at 10, a win is recorded as this hand totals 21 and is referred to as blackjack. When players are not satisfied with the value of their initial cards, they can choose to Hit and get another card.

Should either the dealer or the players have a hand whose worth is above 21, such a party goes bust and the other party wins. Should this however not happen, then the winner is determined by comparing the worth of the hand being held by the player and dealer, with the hand that’s nearest to 21 effectively winning the round.

The Double  Jack Side Bet

This side bet found in the Blackjack Professional Low Limit is totally optional. It is made with the initial cards of the player, with the max payout being set at 100x the stake. Wins happen during this side bet when the player either gets dealt a pair of jacks or when his/her initial cards contain a jack.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit is a blackjack version designed for low rollers who are addicted to high-class fun! It looks good, plays well, sounds terrific and offers an experience difficult to forget!

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Game Summary

Name: Blacjkack Professional Series Low Limit

Posted On: 31/10/2018

Author: Darren Henley