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Net Entertainment brings to you the legendary Blackjack game with a different kind of twist. In Blackjack Professional Series Standard, a standard deck exists which has 52 cards. A standard blackjack game runs on certain principles. Cards two through ten runs on their face value whereas, the royal, high-value cards- i.e. Jack, Queen and King have a value of ten. This means that in one single deck of cards, sixteen cards carry the value of 10.

The most important card of the deck now comes into play. Aces can be used in two ways- either as ones or as elevens. It completely depends on the hand that you are making and how do you want to put it to use. The goal is to ultimately obtain 21 or reach as close to it as you can. The only condition there is that as soon as you cross 21, your cards are busted.

Get the best of Blackjack Professional Series Standard

These are certain tips and tricks that will keep you going and will give you an edge when playing the Blackjack Professional Series Standard online.

Look for a game with Most Favourable Odds- Whatever Blackjack game you play, you can find the odds for it. Choose the game that has the lowest house advantage which will mean the chances of wins are the highest for you.

Along the way

Gaining more cards in Blackjack Professional Series Standard means the choice to vary the value of Aces also increases. The hands which have Aces are known as soft hands and the hands which do not have Aces are known as the soft hands.

There is a separate set of rules with hard hands. A few years back, the players who used to get the Ace of Spades along with the Jack of Spades would certainly qualify for getting one extra payout. Now, the rules have changed and the payout is exactly what any other hand of Blackjack would pay out. The original game got its name from this set of pairing.

Blackjack fans again have a moment to rejoice

Choose carefully and wisely as the Blackjack Professional Series Standard is the best game for out there to experience the best of Blackjack online. Try it out today here in our website.

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Game Summary

Name: Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Posted On: 31/10/2018

Author: Darren Henley