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If you are a fan of actions of Mike Tyson inside the ring then Mike Tyson Roulette is definitely for you. Mike Tyson is a big name in the boxing industry and is famous for his explosive punches. Seeing his huge fan following, Inspired gaming featured him in many games including a slot game, a Blackjack variant and Roulette game.

Mike Tyson Roulette is launched by Inspired Gaming with many interesting twists in the original gameplay. This version is the bonus variation of the original Roulette game. It comes with special bonus features such as Knockout Bonus and some special bets.

Incredible Boxing Experience with Mike Tyson Roulette

When you enter the ring, you will be thrilled to see the visuals and animations. The game plays so smoothly on your device, you will feel like sitting in the actual boxing arena. If you have played Roulette before then placing bets in this variant will be so easy for you. But if you are a new player then you can take help from the videos.

The gameplay is as simple as ABCD.  All you have do is to select a number or a series of numbers and let the Roulette wheel whirl. If the ball lands on the numbers, on which you have placed your bets then you win. And the payouts depends on the odds of the bet. You can place your bets starting from just £1.00 per spin and it can go up to £100.00 per spin.

Explosive bonus features

With incredible visuals and animations, this version also comes with lucrative bonus features.

Knockout Bonus

In this bonus round, you are allowed to place bets only between 1.00 and 5.00. And if the ball lands on the Legend Mike Tyson after the wheel stops then you unlock special bonus round. This bonus round can award you a maximum payout of 500.00.

In this bonus round, you will see 4 punching bags on the screen and the bags are attached with different payouts. You just have to punch the bags hoping for a good payout. You can pick up the payouts after each punch if you are not confident enough to play the next round.

There are also some exciting bets, for example, lucky dips, neighbour bets and scatter bets. These all bets are very innovative and add some extra excitement to the game. You can play this Mike Tyson Roulette on all the devices including PC, desktop and mobile.

To Sum Up

Mike Tyson Roulette is an exciting version of classic Roulette game. Along with amazing graphics, it comes with some extravagant bonus features. Play it for its special bets and Mike Tyson of course.

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Game Summary

Name: Mike Tyson Roulette

Posted On: 26/03/2018

Author: Darren Henley