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This slot game uses dark and attractive themes and background, Ozzy Osbourne’s exceptional musical works in the backdrop and some intricate detailing that keeps the players engaged and hooked. Besides Ozzy’s depiction in the game, the game is overall a classic slot game comprising of five reels and three slots. The game needs some luck to win and keeps the players on the edge of their seat. Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot is a great dedication to the megastar and a huge delight to his fans.

Exciting features of the video slot

Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot comprises of all the general features of a classic slot game. However, what makes the game fun and exciting are some of its unique features. They are as follows –

  • Coin win: The coin value is visible for each symbol. One can win coins for 3 identical symbols. The value of the coins won will be equivalent to 3 times the coin value symbol. 
  • Wild symbol: The bright bat designed wild symbol acts as a substitute for all the symbols in the slot. Thus, one can win the game with 4 identical symbols and 1 wild symbol.
  • Symbol upgrades: After several spins, a symbol meter fills up, leading to an upgrade of the symbols. Thus, every symbol is transformed into the symbol with the next highest value.
  • Symbol multiplier: The symbol multiplier function multiplies all winning combinations 5x or 7x as compared to 2x or 3x when the function is deactivated. 

What we think

Using Ozzy Osbourne depictions and basing a slot on him is an excellent way to attract a large number of players. However, there is always a scope of improvement when it comes to the game in general. Besides the exciting graphics and sinister backgrounds, the player should watch out for some devilish Ozzy symbols captured accurately. In fact, one will also find the popular depiction of the bat-eating Ozzy, a symbol which carries the highest value.

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Game Summary

Name: Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot

Posted On: 22/11/2019

Author: Darren Henley