Online Roulette Myths And Superstitions

Roulette is quite possibly the most glamorous game in the world and has had a long and storied history all through the ages. It can be played in the most magnificent casinos all over the globe, as well as online through any internet-connected device.

While Roulette, especially online roulette being very popular, has not spared it from being inundated with a host of illogical and mythical fallacies, superstitions, notions and worse. Players, even experienced ones at that, make the mistake of letting these erroneous beliefs determine their gameplay and when they lose they either claim that the wheel is rigged or blame it on anything and anyone within view.

Online Roulette Myths And Superstitions

It bears retelling that Roulette is a game of the purest possible chance, with player skill playing a totally insignificant part. Still, it’s worth it for players to know as much as they should of the game. And to end that here’s a list of common misconceptions they need to be on the lookout for.

Past Determines The Future: According to this school of thought, colours, numbers and sequences that previously appeared are most unlikely to be seen at the next spin. Thus, should the previous four numbers be black, players might start thinking that there’s a very high probability that the next spin will show a red number.
This thinking is actually totally baseless, as each time the reels spin, each colour or number has an equal chance of coming up. So, pay no attention at all to patterns.

The Board Can Be Hedged: Quite a few players imagine that they stand the chance of raking in the moolah by making different bets on each spin as a hedge against loss. While this strategy might be viable in the short term, due to the house edge working tirelessly in every spin, in the long run, it can invariably lead to losses.

Martingale Is The Remedy: The Martingale strategy in online roulette has players doubling their bet amount on each loss. When this is done for a short while, it might be harmful! It bears knowing that the probability of success in roulette is by no means linear and that chasing losses is a fool’s’ errand that reaps nothing but sorrow.

Bet Us Pray: Quite a few players think that the best strategy is to stick to the type of bets that have proven lucky for them either in the past or at present. This is a gargantuan mistake and by far the best strategy would be to make use of the variety of betting options available in online roulette, to experiment and to randomly double up on bets. This will prove to be far better than sticking to an imaginary winning formula and reading patterns that exist only in the imagination.

Stingy Roulette: Some online roulette players are of the view that it is well nigh impossible to make big wins in online roulette. This is absolute bunkum. While the possibility of winning a huge amount on a single spin is the privilege of the high rollers betting an huge amount, the fact still remains that “normal” players can win sizable amounts when their ship comes in.

Looking for some roulette action? Then be sure to avoid the above-listed myths and superstitions and boost your chances of getting Lady Luck smiling very benevolently at you during your game of online roulette!

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Name: Online Roulette Myths And Superstitions

Posted On: 21/07/2018

Author: Darren Henley