Role of RNG in Online Roulette

Roulette being a timeless casino favourite does raise concerns on its potential fairness to players staking a fortune on the wheels at online casinos. Most popular online gambling sites offering online Roulette integrate state-of-the-art technologies with legitimate and fair gaming as one of the basic premises of attracting loyal members to their casinos. Random Number Generator (RNG) is one such technology employed by virtual gambling sites to ascertain fair play in online roulette.

Role of RNG in Online Roulette

Types of RNGs

There are different kinds of RNGs with the most prominent ones as Pseudo RNGs and True RNGs. The former requires the planting of an algorithm to work while the latter operate without it. Pseudo RNGs are commonly used by virtual casinos as they do not run the same set of predictable sequences and thus ensure greater objectivity.

How does it work for Online Roulette?

Owing to its simplicity and popularity, pseudo-random number generators are used for online roulette games. With one spin at a time required, it needs only one number on every spin. Whether playing any form of online roulette, i.e. French, European or American variant of the game, the RNGs can identify where the ball will stop before landing. To keep to the honesty of the game and not distorting its fervour, casino operators use RNGs to benefit the players and keep it impartial. Neither of the parties can cheat as this mechanism assures randomness.

Fairness of RNGs

All games hosted by online casinos need to be regularly and independently lab tested to ensure optimum fairness. Most popular casinos follow a regular practice and get the games tested by a third party. Thus RNGs are regularly tested as well and they are vital in determining the game outcome. Reliable casinos also ensure fair winning chances to all their members and thus whether its live dealer of RNG, everything goes under the scanner to make sure just delivery. Several RNG software variants are available in the iGaming industry and some are better known to generate more accurate results.

As a player, you should always look for certified online venues prior to gambling your hard-earned money. Ensure you check for the trustworthy batch before twirling the online roulette at your favourite casino.

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Name: Role of RNG in Online Roulette

Posted On: 13/07/2018

Author: Darren Henley