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3D Baccarat is a popular casino variant powered by Iron Dog. This variant is played using eight decks of cards. It has very easy to follow rules as well as regulations and an interface which suits well while playing online with different devices and offline land-based casinos.

Unlike Blackjack variants which involves multiple twists such as insurance, side bets and double bets options, Iron Dog 3D Baccarat has a sole objective to predict whether the hand of banker or the player will show the nearest value to nine. This wonderful Baccarat variant is very easy for both beginners as well as veterans and offers good fun while earning some bucks.

3D Baccarat Gameplay!

This 3D Baccarat variant uses 8 decks of the playing cards, that are shuffled each time at the starting of every hand. To begin your gameplay, you must select the chip size you wish to play that ranges from 0.5 to £100.

After which, players are required to place their stake on any one hand out of the two hands which they think will win. Ideally, the players can make bets either on the Banker's hand or the Player hand or on the tie among the two. After that, cards will be drawn and both the hands will be compared, and if players are lucky to have placed the bets on the winning hand, they will be awarded accordingly. The payouts in this variant for each sort of bet are as follows:

  • Player’s Hand – 1 to 1
  • Banker’s Hand – 19 to 20
  • Tie – 8 to 1

Additional Features

The 3D Baccarat has superb designed visuals along with an attractive outlay and to give it a real 3D touch. The Iron Dog Studios have used HD quality cameras. This variant also offers a feature to cancel your wrong bets placed by using the undo button. Moreover, once the bets are placed in the betting sector, it also offers a double the bet feature which can be enabled by clicking on the button located on left side of screen.

To Sum Up

3D Baccarat is an awesome slot developed by Iron Dog Studios, this Baccarat game is outstanding. It is very easy to play and offers a high chance to earn. At the beginning, one may find it difficult to understand but once you do, it is total fun to play.

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Game Summary

Name: 3D Baccarat

Author: Darren Henley