Online Jackpots

We at Bluefox Casino have a dedicated section for Jackpot games as they have a special attention amongst the players. It is one of the most preferred choices for many online casino players as they provide the opportunity for winning big.

Try your luck – take a shot at Jackpots

Jackpot games are probably the most commonly played casino games. They are hugely popular among those who play at real-world casinos. The trend continues at online casinos too.

The charm of winning a huge sum by trying your luck refuses to fade away. With time, jackpot games have evolved. Earlier, there used to be just the plain huge fixed sum to be won as the jackpot in a casino game. Now you have flat jackpots, standalone progressives, proprietary progressives, wild progressive jackpots among the most popular ones.

Now that you know so much about jackpots why not take a shot at them. You shall find them all together here at jackpots section. Bluefox Casino presents the most popular and the latest jackpot casino games to you. These are carefully selected amongst hordes of jackpot games to give you the best experience. Here you can choose to play live casino, online slots jackpots and casino games. You may also play mobile casino games on your smartphones.

These jackpot games are regularly updated and feature the most popular ones from various leading developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. While we strive to bring the games at lightning speed to you, the final output depends on the internet speed at your end. All the jackpot games we provide are following the industry gaming standards and are safe and secure. We take care to choose the fair play games. You may choose to play the kind of jackpot games that suits you best.

You can also opt for games depending on the kind of jackpot they have to offer. Try the traditional flat jackpot games where the amount of jackpot is fixed. Else, try the progressive jackpot games like Fruit Fiesta by Microgaming where the jackpot amount keeps increasing with each spin until the jackpot is hit. While fixed jackpot games ask for less bet, progressive ones are a bit tricky with chances of winning higher when you bet higher.

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So, sign up at our casino and try your luck today by playing these games that give a chance for huge wins. Who knows the next name to flash on our jackpot screen might just be yours?