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Players who love to play a realistic game should opt for 3D Blackjack. Developed by Iron Dog Studios, this attractive game was released in 2017. Since then, it has become quite popular among gamblers, both newcomers and professionals alike. The all-new three-dimensional variant of blackjack will provide a completely new experience of playing this highly exciting game. It provides a superb gameplay experience along with exciting rewards for players. All you need is to implement the right gaming strategies according to the moves and at the right time. The game will be offered through the 1×2 gaming platform.

3D Blackjack an am amazing gaming interface

3D Blackjack can be played across both desktops and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. One of the main attractions of this game is the three-dimensional interface. This offers a look and feel like a land-based casino. Moreover, the gaming elements like the table are designed in a way that the player feels like playing in a real-life casino. As the coins rattle, there is a sound that seems exactly like a real-life land casino. As a player, you have a chance to play up to three hands at one time. The rules are more or less same as standard blackjack game, with minor variations.

You have a chance to wager £4500 on a single hand

There are other advanced features that you get to utilise in 3D Blackjack like fast dealing, fast play and re-sets. This ensures that players can play faster and for a longer period of time. For a single hand, the maximum wager limit is around £4500. All the gaming elements are neatly arranged so that you can easily perform the right kind of action. The common actions that you can perform include hit, stand, double and split. The game starts after you finalise the bet and tap or click the press button.

The chirp and amazing graphics at the three-dimensional games like 3D blackjack have made Iron Dog studios a known name when it comes to conventional gambling. To get a fair idea about the different gaming rules and other gameplay options, you can refer to the help section along with the game. There is also an option to toggle between standard mode and party mode. In the party mode, around 200 images are captured in a single second for great graphical display.

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Game Summary

Name: 3D Blackjack

Author: Darren Henley