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Another interesting slot game by Microgaming by the name of Agent Valkyrie has 5 reels and 25 paylines.  The slot has its roots from the Norse mythology where Valkyries were female figures who used to decide who will live or die in a battle.

This is a completely action-packed game. If you end up with 5 wild symbols on a payline, there is a bumper offer with a wild that pays you 40x of your stake value. You can collect lots of coins during this mission to defeat the air pirates.

Begin a journey to the sky as Agent Valkyrie

Be ready to start a game of mesmerizing journey as a smart and intelligent Agent Valkyrie who battles against a group of sky pirate criminals. An added delight for the players is its fascinating adventure backdrop which has a cloudy sky in a beautiful hue of orange. Bright and colourful backdrop makes it even more exciting for the players.

Agent Valkyrie is the top-rated symbol in the slot game, then comes a bonus symbol, followed by the three dangerous sky pirates, map and scarf symbol. A, K, Q, J and 10 are the least rated symbols in the game. There is a feature that appreciates you with up to 15 free spins in the bonus round initially.

More exciting features

  • Valkyrie can be a lifesaver, as it can be a substitute for any other symbol other than coin and scatter symbols.
  • You can trigger free spins when three scatters lands on the reels.
  • You have a chance to collect as many coin symbols as possible when it appears on the reel. Total coins collected is displayed on top of the reels.  
  • Additional features like the wild reel, capture criminal feature and flying wilds can be triggered with a free spin when you collect three coin symbols.
  • You have a golden opportunity to win up to 25000 coins during a free spin mission.

To conclude

Fight in the skies makes it more appealing than the usual sea waves backdrop. The cloudy background and the coin collecting feature understandably adds to the charm. You will certainly enjoy a flight with Agent Valkyrie and go for an opportunity to win lots of goodies at Bluefox Casino.

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Game Summary

Name: Agent Valkyrie

Author: Darren Henley