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Microgaming has introduced an exotic fusion of RPG and slot games. An entirely new concept in an online casino game. You will be surprised when you face 5 RPG symbols arranged on a slot layout. Such an arrangement is extremely new to all the online players. The game, however, is not meant for those who are searching to play a typical slot.

How play Battle Mania?

When you start the game, you have to select a team of characters that you will use in the game. All the groups have distinctive features. Each team has their respective value and winning capacity and volatility range. The volatility range varies from high to low.

Betting and payouts varies in the battles

The game sticks only to the medium and high range rollers. Players who can afford to pay £0.50 to £100 can play this game. All the teams are set at different stakes in the paytable values. The payouts range is flexible from 20 to 3490 coins for a win.

All the characters have their specific capacity and all of them can activate casually. These capabilities are killing the opponent, healing the Allies and assuring the wins. Every character vandalizes a place after each bet. Here, each damage point is shown by each crystal. You must note that after 5 damage points, the enemy monster loses his power and the player is awarded his win.

Battle Mania has some enticing features, some of them revealed.

The game Battle mania is really a battle where you have to conquer the monster and save yourself from destruction. The game features different island which signifies levels and the player requires certain cards to enter the island. These islands have distinctive bonus features.

Another astonishing creation in the game is the Treasure Island feature. Betting on this island may increase your winning chances by 25%. Do play it for some enhanced winning chances.

Summing Up

Battle Mania is an impressive game that is a perfect mixture of RPG and slot games. The game has some enticing features. The game is totally action packed. Not only this the game has some big wins waiting for you at the end.

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Game Summary

Name: Battle Mania

Author: Darren Henley