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It’s Time For Some Pirate Hunters! Play Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter At Bluefox

Pirate slots may be prevalent but what about pirate hunter slots? There might be none or not many. That is, up until now, according to the game provider Play'n GO, which has hired a salty sea dog by the title of Captain GLUM to track down some buccaneers. 

Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter, the resultant slot, has features like constant roaming wild in the regular game, free spins with expanding reels, and a Treasure Hunt bonus round. It takes a fresh approach to the pirate slot concept.

Find out what Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter will present at Bluefox!

About The Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter

A video slot machine called Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter has 5 reels and 3 rows, which can increase to 5 during the bonus rounds. The game offers 243 different chances to excel, and the minimum and maximum bets are each 0.05. The maximum gain is set at 9,000X the stake and the default RTP is 96.2%, which indicates significant volatility.

Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter Symbols

The playing card suites diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts are represented by wooden pieces as the least-paying icons. The pirate hunter ship, the lady pirate captain, the pirate ship and the pirate hunter Captain GLUM are the icons with the highest payouts. The sole icon that the Wild Logo cannot substitute for is the Scatter Logo. It pays independently as well and exactly the same amounts as Captain GLUM.

Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter Bonus Features

Permanent Wild Symbol

Every time a standard spin is made, a golden ship-shaped Permanent Wild icon moves between reels 2 to 4. All icons—aside from the Scatter—can be replaced by the icon.

Captain's Due

The Captain's Due begins when one or more scatter icons appear on the display. Randomly, one of the Scatters on the display is chosen and changed into a Permanent Wild, leaving Wake Wild Icons in its wake as it crosses the reels.

Free Spins

Ten free spins are awarded for landing three scatter icons. Each reel of the feature has a gun pointed upward on the pirate hunting ship, which is located at the bottom. The pirate hunter ship is being targeted by five of the pirate flagship's five weapons, which are located on top. 

The ships will shoot at one another, creating more spots by disabling various aspects of the craft. The reels will increase in height from three to five rows once all of the ships have been destroyed.

It takes the cannons 1 to 3 rotations to reload. The cannonballs can also strike the ship emblems of the other side, sinking them and replacing them with wilds. Every sinking ship is indicated on a counter, and the Treasure Hunt bonus is activated if the pirate hunters finish the free spins with a better score than the pirates. The player can pick among three chests, each of which holds a multiplier of 10X, 3X, or 2X.


The shootout game in Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter offers free spins for drowning pirate ships. Every ordinary spin will always include at least one Wild thanks to the Permanent Wild Symbol. Captain GLUM - Pirate Hunter has the ability to produce winnings up to 9,000 x the stake if you blow up a few hulls, spin the reels, and fire a few ships.

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Game Summary

Name: Captain GLUM – Pirate Hunter

Author: Darren Henley