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Who knew history could be such a topic that could capture the imagination of casino buffs? Developer Core Gaming feels the need to prove this unique question just valid with its latest online gaming foray. Set against the backdrop of the commencement of humanity, Cashed in Stone revolves around the stone age, when the barter system actually functioned on cashing in stone. 

Basic structure

This animated world revolves around the clash between knuckle daggers and ferocious foreheads struggling to gain the upper hand. The game's grave setting is lightened by the adorable mascot in the form of a caveman who shares an eerie resemblance to the Animal from the Muppets. The cascading system of this slot game is organized well with the implication of the symbols, as a part of the game.Symbols which have claimed victory are discarded to let newer symbols tumble in and provide an element of thrill by letting these new symbols form more winning combinations.The user-interface of this game takes the gamer into the world of cavemen and their lives, with extreme ease and wholesome realism to provide a first-hand experience to these curious stakeholders. 


The game, which spreads over 6 reels and 4 rows, has a vibrant charm to it. The general rule of the game requires the gamer to form three or more similar symbols to activate a payout. The volatility of this game ranges from low to medium, however a player might believe the game to be on some real high points during their time of play.. 

Special features

The staking wilds is responsible for turning a random number of reels and is one of the most fun features of this game. They are removed from the cascade, if at all they end up being a major part of the winning combination.  The win multiplier is introduced in the game as a tool for increasing the winning cascade for each individual spin. The smashing wild results in the bashing spree of the caveman, making the symbols wild, at random intervals. The free spins are divided into three segments. The lowermost guarantees 2 wilds, while the middle one has 3 wilds and the last one has 2*2 wilds on every individual spin.


Cashed in Stone is one of the most exciting online casino games which promises its users a trip down the historical lane with their enriching mode of execution.

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Game Summary

Name: Cashed In Stone

Author: Darren Henley