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Enchanted prince slot game is based on the theme of famous fairy tale of the frog and the princess. Enchanted prince is an interactive slot game that brings back old bedtime stories with modern graphics. The game visual goes with its theme. The backdrop of the game has a pond with water lilies, resembling g same as those in fairytales books.  

Just like fairytales always ends with ‘lived happily ever after’, the Enchanted Prince slot game also gives ample of opportunities of winning high rewards so that they also leave with happy faces.

The enchanted Prince Slot game is played on 5 reels and has 25 paylines. The bet ranges between 25p - $12.50. A player can win a jackpot of 2,400 coins.

Symbols of Enchanted Prince Slot Game

As the game is based on old fairy tale theme, so are its symbols. Symbols Ace to 9 has Celtic style, which give them a royal look.  These are low-value symbols. High value symbols along with their rewards are given below:

White flower                 max reward up to 800 coins

Lily pad                           max reward up to 800 coins

Red gemstone              max reward up to 1400 coins

Castle                               max reward up to 1,800 coins

Beautiful princess      max reward up to 2,400 coins

The princess is the highest paid icon. When it lands on reels 2,3, 4 or all 5, the player wins rewards 10, 100, 500 or 2400 coins.  Other symbol includes a crown which is the wild symbol in the game. The payout of the gamer gets doubled when the winning combination of spin has a crown in it.

Another main character of the story ‘the frog’ represents Scatter

Bonuses in Enchanted Prince Slot game

Enchanted Prince has a Free Game Feature.  In order to activate this feature, a player needs to get minimum of 3 scatters on the reel.  Depending on the number of scatters landing on the reel, a player wins free spins: 15, 20 or 25 and with free spins, player also multiplies the stakes 5, 10 or 15 times.  A player can have up to 15 retriggers with which the player wins 400 spins.


Enchanted Prince Slot game is a must for gamers who are enchanted by magic. Player can play game at Bluefox Casino, which offers free spins for first time players.

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Name: Enchanted Prince

Author: Darren Henley