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Free Reelin' Joker 1000 online slot is played across 3-reel, 1-row, and 1-payline. During the game, the grid may enlarge to include an additional reel. You can wager anywhere between £0.1 (the minimum) and £100 (the maximum). 

The game has a default RTP of 96.18%, medium volatility reel spins, and a 200X maximum win ceiling.You'll immediately comprehend how this game operates and be ready for the Chance Spin and Free Rollin' Additional features.

Meet The Rewarding Joker For Stellar Wins In Free Reelin' Joker 1000

Play'n GO's latest online slot, Free Reelin' Joker 1000, has just three reels and a single row of icons. The game, which is a successor to Free Reelin' Joker, now uses numbers instead of icons. 

Similar to the prior game, getting a Joker Symbol awards you an additional reel, giving you an opportunity to win the biggest prize. Let's have a look at this game at Bluefox, which is designed to appeal to both slot novices and seasoned players who enjoy simple, straightforward games.

Free Reelin' Joker 1000 Symbols

Similar to traditional casino slots, the 3 reel slots have a somewhat different way of making winnings. On each reel, you can either strike a number or a blank. The number one reel may display 5, 2, 1, or 0. The second displays 2, 1, or 0, while the last display is always 0. 

Your victory will be indicated in coins and will be whatever number the reels stop at. You may find the win in relation to your investment by multiplying that number by 5. For instance, if you land 020, your prize will be equal to 20 divided by 5 (4X the stake).

A Joker, a peculiar icon, can also appear on any reel. You may earn up to 1,000 coins in the Free Reelin' Bonus, which is triggered by it.

Free Reelin' Joker 1000 Special Features

Chance Spin

When three 0 icons appear, the Chance Spin begins. Reels will spin in reverse to give players an additional chance to win. The Chance Spin cannot be reactivated, and it cannot be used to activate the Free Rollin' Bonus.

Free Rollin' Bonus

Every time a Joker appears on any of the reels, the Free Reelin' Bonus begins. Before the other three reels begin to spin, an additional reel with a 1 icon to the left of the other icons will be revealed. Only 0 icons or blank spaces can land on the reels as they spin. When 1000 is landed, the maximum payout of 1000 coins—200 times the stake is awarded.

Retriggering the Reelin' Bonus and starting the Chance Spin during the feature are not permitted.


Even though there have been some changes, Free Reelin' Joker 1000 has many similarities to the original Free Reelin' Joker. The first game uses fruit icons, but this one features numerals that reflect the number of coins staked. 

In the first game, there is a space between the icons, thus two icons may be present on a reel but not on the middle payline. There is just one icon displayed on each reel in this game, but you can also get blanks, which are essentially the same as the reels pausing in between icons. Fans of classic slots will definitely admire the Free Reelin' Joker 1000 slot and we recommend giving it a try!

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Name: Free Reelin’ Joker 1000

Author: Darren Henley