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Most of the online slots you can find these days are of the cookie cutter type without much in the way of a soul and nothing to really test the skills and intelligence of players. If you are in search of something a little different that will get your brain matter humming at warp speed, then the Fruit Blast slot from Skillz Gaming might just be the thing for you. Do read on and get all the juicy details.

A Really Juicy Fruit Blast Awaits!

The Fruit Blast slot has a 5x5 reel format and is set in a beach bar of sorts, at which are a few quite delish-looking bartenders. As players progress through what’s on offer, they can finally pick and choose from among the bartenders and the varied features they bring to the table.

There are not much in the way of eye-candy on the Fruit Blast slots, with the provided graphics looking retro. The icons on hand comprise fruits like lemons, watermelons, pineapples, cherries, and bunches of grapes.

When the “Play” button is clicked, the game gets underway, with players being required to form up groups of at least three icons in either a vertical or horizontal direction. When wins are formed, more icons drop into place and this goes on till no more wins are viable. Each of the featured fruits fills up their own meters located at the left of the reels and will award the different multipliers shown there.

Levelling Up

Every fruit icon that ends up in a winning combo apart from helping fetch prizes for players is also good for a single star. These stars aid in leveling up and once players level up they get to access new bartenders and their features. In total, there are nine bartenders. As well there are a few features that come into being when players form and then click on clumps of bonus icons. These are:

Summer- This is the starter level and has no extra features. Aloha(Level 2)- This is good for an instant win, with a maximum of 8x the stake being up for grabs. Pat(Level 5)- This awards five free games, with wins being guaranteed for each.

Level 9- This a picking game where cash awards await. Level 12- This is a picking game where players can win cash prizes. Level 15- This automatically fills up a fruit meter. Level 19- This awards a free game and a 10x win multiplier. Level 22- This awards a cash value that can end up being doubled. Level 25- This is a picking game where win multipliers and cash awards can be gained.


By getting a cluster containing a trio and up of the jackpot icon on the reels, players get to receive 1,000x of the whole stake.


The Fruit Blast slot has a few achievements. These are useful because they award stars that let players level up.

Final Thoughts

The Fruit Blast slot is colourful and quite interactive. There are plenty of features here and lots of ways that players can have their fun. Overall, it ticks all the right boxes, requires a little more brain matter than your average slot to play to the limit and makes for a fabulous spinning session!

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Name: Fruit Blast

Author: Darren Henley