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A search begins across the galaxies to hunt for the precious Nebula Stones. There are various levelling systems in Gems Odyssey and the players can enjoy various opportunities by winning additional rewards in the bonus features. The entertainment level of the game is pretty high-end.

Details about Gems Odyssey

This visually appealing online game has various carefully selected features. The main one being filling the sidebar with seven gems. The Gems Odyssey game can be played in either of the 2 modes- AI mode and the manual mode. If you want to try the manual mode, the cluster needs to be chosen which the player wants to blast. In the automatic mode, the clusters will blast on their own without you having to manually choose the tiles.

Bonus Features

4 types of Nebula Stones- You will witness four nebula stones in the game. A varied range of rewards is connected to each one of them. Mythical, Common, Epic and Rare stones are features. A stone will be granted if a player successfully blasts some Nebula Tiles. These stones get stored in the inventory of the game. Real money rewards can be traded with these stones in the next level.

Levelling Up- A single point is rewarded on the blasting of a tile. This point lets you level up after a certain number of points. The jackpot/nebula tiles are not included in these. On gaining a certain number of points, the player moves on to the next level.

Second Chance Feature- This feature is randomly triggered during a non-winning game to start a free game. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be retriggered.

Jackpot Feature- Win up to 1000x as a reward in the bonus feature if you get to blast a cluster of jackpot tiles.

To Sum Up

This theme of the Gems Odyssey is worth all appreciation because it has been designed in a pretty decent way. Also, the automatic and manual modes are designed for both kinds of players, ones who can play with patience and ones who cannot. So if you want to reveal the prizes all at once, go for the automatic mode. Also, the manual mode makes the players think that they have some fraction of control on the outcome. With luck and some skill, the players are likely to win good payouts in Gems Odyssey. For more added on entertainment, the bonus features and the jackpot feature are also present.

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Game Summary

Name: Gems Odyssey

Author: Darren Henley