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Golden 7 has an absolutely unique set of features and possibilities which make the player earn real rewards with respect to the bonus and wilds present. 

Basic Features

20 pay lines, across 5 reels, this slot game is a classic and is loved across all platforms and age groups. The traditional fruit slot machine game is revamped, and the slot game is a modern take on it which works very well and quite in favour of the player.

The game is centred around fruity symbols and hosts the classic symbols around bells, red sevens and BAR signatures. The high valued symbol here is the red sevens and the golden sevens, which when they occur, they turn Queen and King symbols into extra seven’s and bring about great rewards with crazy multiplier along with the likes of 500 times the initial stake.

The lowest valued symbols also pay comparatively better than most other average games; these include cherries, grapes, lemons and oranges. These symbols, when they appear consequently on the five reels, rank up to a good 360 coins and that speaks for itself! Although these prizes are above the average pay scale, they are nothing compared to the grand jackpot.

Special features

Golden 7 also adds the fun twist that along with the display of classic fruit symbols, the slot game also houses dozens of wilds, and they are easy in appearance as they are boldly imprinted with “wild” written across them. After every spin, the winning row can be changed into a combination that garners wins with the help of the wild symbols.

The entire series of wild symbols launch the game into a loop of triggering more wins and double the rewards received subsequently. These act as great boosting factors for the audience and keeps them hooked and engaged with motivation to play further and place additional bets.

Gradually collecting gold and red seven’s leads the player closer to the jackpot and once the goal is achieved, the reward is on the higher side of ten thousand coins and more.

Bonus features

The wild symbol brings great rewards for the player and substitutes other symbols, including the star, scatter. The star scatter is a high-value symbol and works well along with the wild. The most unique feature which acts as a bonus is the feature which allows the player to choose it which doubles the earnings or lose them all, along with the spin chance which helps the player opt for free spins even when he doesn’t have a substantial amount to make a wager, thus increasing the probability of winning. 


The dynamic fruit gaming experience provided by Golden 7’s graphics and gamification leave the players yearning for more and make them revisit every once in a while. 

So, if you are in search of a classic game with a fun modern twist, then Golden 7 is the perfect match for you and look no more!

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Game Summary

Name: Golden 7’s

Author: Darren Henley