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Monopoly Big Spin is a slot extravaganza for those who enjoy the popular card games and big spins. The slot here is made up of different elements just to score bigger and better. It's not at all complicated here at Monopoly Big Spin and all can win something out of it.

About the Slot Play

Monopoly Big Spin is one of those slot games which stands only for maximum benefits. It's a pleasant slot with multiple bonuses. The players can navigate through it without breaking any sweat. It's that simple here. The background layer is made up of multiple canvases and it changes according to different bonus layers. As a default, it shows a massive spin table kind of a settlement with spins and amusements. The music and slot rolling effects are to the point and all these fuels the graphics of the slot. Here in the game, the Wheel is split into 14 segments, one for each property colour, chance, community chest, utilities, go and free parking. Landing on a property or set of utilities pays a fixed amount while in the base game. If the Free Spins feature is awarded from Free Parking or GO, players receive an initial payout followed afterwards by multiplier cash prizes. Additionally, landing on Go or Free Parking while in free spin mode will award the players extra turns.


Free Spins are the primary features here. It is triggered when landing on the Go area. Players receive a 40 to 1 pay plus one extra spin of the main Wheel. To conclude, the landing of Free Parking awards 30 to 1 and 2 extra turns of the main Wheel. In addition to this, the 14 zones of the slot represent different segments of the wheel, 8 referring to property colors, and the rest to the bonus segments.

Bonus Features

Mega Drop Jackpots will be the bonus here. Players get a shot to obtain one of the three available jackpots: Minor, Major or Epic. Each prize must pay before a specific limit is displayed.


There is not even a single problem here. It's a perfect slot for all the perfect slot players. With some basic calculations, the win will be easy and smooth.

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Game Summary

Name: Monopoly Big Spin

Author: Darren Henley