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Play'n GO's latest online slot, Moon Princess Trinity, reintroduces us to some of our favorite princesses. A few modifications are included, but nothing radically new, in the great scheme of things. Players are greeted by a recognisable scene when they first start the game, with the three princesses standing next to the grid and signaling which Female Power may or may not be activated. To learn more, read our in-depth analysis of Moon Princess Trinity here on Bluefox.

About The Moon Princess Trinity

Play'n GO's Moon Princess Trinity video slot has five rows and reels. The Moon Princess Trinity's return is accessible on any device, and bet amounts range from 10p to £100. With a preset RTP of 96.20%, the game is slightly above the industry standard. The maximum gain on Moon Princess Trinity, which is played at high volatility, is 4000 times the stake.

Moon Princess Trinity Symbols & Paytable

The icons with lesser payouts are circles, hearts, stars, and bells. With one of these, a five-win streak gives out 1x the wager. The higher-paying icons are the goddesses Love, Storm and Star. Five of a kind with these gives 3 times the wager, while a combination of five queens pays 2 times the wager. A Wild sign, which can take the place of any other paying emblem, is left behind by each successful winning combo.

Moon Princess Trinity Slot Features

Wild Symbol

By replacing it with other lucrative icons, wild icons increase the number of successful combos. A wild is produced each time you construct a winning combo.

Win Multiplier

Some positions will be emphasized on each spin. The win multiplier is raised by one until the end of the spin if an icon in a highlighted location is a component of a winning combo.

Girl Power

On spins that don't result in a victory, one of the following Girl Power elements could unexpectedly activate:

  • Love = Changes one group of icons into another
  • Star makes one or two characters wild.
  • Storm = Eliminates two icon groups.


Filling up the metre on the left side activates the Trinity feature. Six parts must be completed. When three, four, or five Princesses are present, 1, 2, or 3 sections are filled, correspondingly. If you succeed, Love, Star, and Storm will each give a complimentary round of their Girl Powers. The function is activated again when the matrix is cleared; the win multiplier is not reset.

Clear Grid

Except for the Trinity feature, clearing the matrix of all icons results in a 50x return on investment.


Play'n GO's Moon Princess Trinity honors the series while reintroducing us to our favorite princesses. This game does not, at least not in the traditional sense, offer free spins. The focus is on clearing the matrix on each Trinity feature, which makes for a more enjoyable gameplay experience. We're not sure what it is, but this game feels better than its forebears in some way. It feels fantastic to play, whether it's because Play'n GO has updated its technology or because there aren't any free spins to be had.

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Game Summary

Name: Moon Princess : Trinity

Author: Darren Henley