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Gamers have traversed to different surfaces on Earth, be it forests, land, skies, and sometimes, even beyond the known regions of the Earth, in the form of outer space games. However, this time, Ocean's Treasure is a unique venture which aims at taking the gamers beyond the visible surface, into the deep blue domain of the world. With its exciting interface, with multi bonuses to help users collect as many rewards as they can, with each step they undertake, the slot game infuses a mystical aspect to the deep blue world. 

Basic structure

The game bears a lot of similarities with Steam Tower, owing to its engaging features. However, Ocean's Treasure has some unique features of its own. The ocean is replete with seaweeds, statues, ferocious beasts, but revolves mainly around the trident keepers, called Nereids, or simply nymphs,who are responsible for connecting winning streaks. The 5 reels, 3 rows game is marked by the protection offered by gentle guardian angels with an alert creature looking over the grid. The game is accompanied by an engaging audio-visual track which helps the players experience it better.


The game has a direct rule which demands the formation of three or more similar symbols on the 15 paylines, to help in obtaining a payout. The symbols which denote a lower payout are usually stacked among the more inconspicuous parts of the ocean, like seaweeds. The game hides the higher payouts among nautical icons such as compasses and keys. There is also a gold and diamond stage, and the symbols are said to have the potential to return at least 100 times of whatever has been staked for five matching symbols. The symbol of the Nereid comes only once a game and is said to occupy a full reel. 

Special features

The reels 1, 3, and 5 are the only ones that have the scatter symbol on them. One can only achieve 10 spins if they land three of them. The free spins work on a multiplication mechanism with each round being a multiple of 3,5,7 till 12. The trident is not only responsible for adding two more free spins but is also essential in filling up an important sector called the Level Meter, which in turn, has two more segments, which help in progressing to the next level.


Ocean's Treasure is one of the most engaging online slot games available in the market today, which aims at engaging its audience to the fullest.

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Game Summary

Name: Ocean’s Treasure

Author: Darren Henley