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Rome Supermatch is a 5-reel, 1-to-8-row online slot machine. With a minimum stake of £0.20 and a maximum bet of £100, players have a broad variety of wager levels to select from. With a 96% return to player (RTP) and a 22.31% hit frequency, the game suggests that you may anticipate a winning combination on more than every fifth spin on average. Rome Supermatch is played with great volatility and has a maximum win potential of 5000 times your wager.

Rome Supermatch Symbols

A, Q, K, and J are the least-paying icons. With one of them, a connection with 10 will pay out 5–6 times the wager. Various characters are among the icons with the highest payouts. With these, ten-of-a-kind rewards 7.5x–11x the wager. A bird or an X can be affixed to wild icons to activate one of two characteristics. Let's look at the features right now!

It’s All About Intriguing Journey To Rome! Play Rome Supermatch At Bluefox

A new video slot from Nailed It! Games is called Rome Supermatch where we travel to Rome and come upon a fascinating, hitherto unseen feature. This will be the fourth or fifth edition of the Polish studio. 

They have led us on adventurous explorations (Gold Mine Stacks 2 and Gold Mine Stacks) and Egyptian adventures- Book of Fate. We've watched the studio improve with every release, and while they aren't now a huge player, we think they can be in the future. Rome Supermatch may help them go even closer to that goal. At Bluefox, let's check it out and see!

Rome Supermatch Bonus Features

Multiplier Wild

Multiplier Wilds replace the corresponding icon and boost the multiplier by 1. Rows 2 through 8 may contain these.

Spreading Wild

Spreading wilds fill the entire row with wilds and replace the matched icon.


The following row becomes accessible if you land three or more matching icons in the first row. The following row is unlocked if one or more identical icons land there as well. You keep doing this until every row has been unlocked.

Second Chance Bonus

The Second Chance Bonus is triggered if you find your matching icon on the fourth row. After then, the row will be re-spun to offer you another shot if you are unable to connect.

Mega Respin

The Mega Respin is initiated if the matching icon you choose appears on the eighth row. While all other icons spin again, the matching icon for you will remain stuck. You will receive two respins in place of your Second Chance Bonus if you haven't yet had to utilise it.

Feature Buys

There are two feature buys you may choose from to liven up your session:

Always Match 5x. guarantees that row 1 will have three or more matching icons. Second Chance 20x ensures that the Second Chance Bonus function will be active.


Nailed It! Games' Rome Supermatch transports you on a fascinating voyage to Rome, where a fresh new feature is waiting. The Rome Supermatch was certainly the result of a good deal of creative energy. 

There isn't really anything else like it on the market right now, so props to Nailed It! Games for taking a risk by attempting something new rather than sticking with tried-and-true crowd-pleasers. The last but not the least component of the picture is winning potential, and Rome Supermatch is no wimp at 5,000 times the stake.

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Name: Rome Supermatch

Author: Darren Henley