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Be a part of the quest among the stars and match gemstones in Space Enigma

Game features

Space Enigma can be considered as Net Entertainment's version of a space fantasy game. It is entirely based on a space theme, and all of its components reflect the same. Players can enjoy this slot game on a variety of screens such as their smartphones, laptops and PCs.

The game begins with a loading screen and then a background showing the deep space with stars and other luminous celestial bodies far in the distance. The basic features include a slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. A total of 10 paylines are present in the game. It works on a fixed basis rather than a progressive jackpot system

Gemstones are used as symbols in the reels. Depending on the colour, the value of each gemstone is determined. In total, 7 regular gemstones appear on the screen out of which 5 are in the low paying category and the other 2 are in the higher-paying one. 

Those 5 include - Deep blue, cyan, pink, purple, and green. The remaining ones include red and yellow colours. The red gemstones can pay returns of up to 12 times the current stake whereas the yellow ones pay returns of up to 50 times the current stake at their maximum frame of combination. 

Special features

In order to win in Space Enigma, the players need to create a combination of at least 3 gemstones of the same colour in one line/reel. The returns are based on the number of gemstones in that combination - 3, 4, or 5. An interesting feature here is that the system of dual paylines is followed in the game. This means that when a player achieves a combination of a particular number of jewels in one line, the payouts are done in two ways - left to right and from right to left. 

Supposedly, a player earns 50 times his existing stake for one combination, this is counted twice, and the returns increase two times, which means, instead of 50X, the earnings boost up to 100X. 

Bonus features

An important bonus feature called Respin is a part of the game. Quite self-explanatory, respin gives the player a chance to rotate the reel again as a bonus. It is activated with the Wild card which is a star-shaped jewel. When this star appears on either of the second, third or fourth reels, it takes up the entire column and the respin is triggered. It can be availed at most 3 times in a row if the star symbol appears repeatedly. 


A good game with medium volatility, Space Enigma is apt for beginners and safe players. 

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Game Summary

Name: Space Enigma

Author: Darren Henley