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Spinball slot game released by Tom Horn Gaming is for those who are looking for something unusual and interesting in online slots. With a totally different layout and unique features, this is a slot game one should experience at least once. It is currently available at Bluefox casino both in the normal as well as mobile compatible format. 

Basic features 

Basically, Spinball slot game is based on the popular arcade game Pinball. The whole pinball machine setup, complete with the tiny ball and the various parts that light up when the ball strikes them is featured in this slots game. Just as with the original, players have two paddles at the bottom to maneuver the ball and ensure that it doesn’t fall out of the machine. Once the ball falls out it is game over! 

The way this design has been tweaked to suit slots mechanism is that every time the ball hits different parts and components of the machine, each part lightens up providing players with a payout. Different areas and components have different levels of payouts. This game also comes with special features and popular bonus features like the free spins round. The whole look of the game, the graphics, and the audio all make the game seem very near to the original favorite. 

Special features 

The Spinball slots game comes with two special components that provide players with more wins. These are the bouncers and the boosters; the bouncers are the set of three components available at the top of the machine that keeps bouncing the ball resulting in more wins. The booster feature also helps maximize the wins while playing the game. 

Bonus feature 

This slot game might be very different from the online slots we are familiar with but still comes with the best feature most slot players love, which is the free spins bonus. Players can earn free spins in this slots game too though the process is a bit different. The game comes with a free spins zone that is located on the right side of the machine. Every time the ball enters this zone, players are awarded 5 free spins. The free spins are automatically activated until there are no more available. Hence, skillful players can get free spins as many times as they want with just a bit of effort.


Thus, the Spinball slot game is unique and comes with a different design based on the popular Pinball arcade game. But it is also exciting and entertaining as it comes with the best features we love in online slots.

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Game Summary

Name: Spinball

Author: Darren Henley