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Who could have thought that gaming could take you to places unheard of? Treasure Heroes is all about the adrenaline rush that takes place while the gamers break in a room and loot as much as they can. The game works upon its top-notch graphics, which are instrumental in keeping the players invested.

Basic layout

The game is sprawled across 5 rows and 5 reels. Playing on the classic features, it utilizes the bird view feature to take the gamers inside the dungeon and give them a better understanding of their surroundings. The symbols of the game are bright and lend a lively vibe to the game. Treasure Heroes has 5 reels that revolve in unique ways, and all five of them have different symbols to decorate themselves. The reels follow a moving walls mechanism, which is a new feature in the game. 


Winning clusters are needed to achieve victory in this online slot game, instead of the usual lines. The game demands the players to make winning clusters, with symbols of a kind to be attained in an either vertical or horizontal manner. The game makes use of the 6 basic pay symbols, which are the most important part of the game. These symbols have been designed with deep care and are visible in the backdrop, arranged in ascending order. Leading the group is the blue gem, followed by dragon charm, golden lantern, and a warrior. The two most important symbols of the game are the Treasure Chest and Magician, which need 25 of a kind on the grid to pay up to 1000 times of whatever is at stake. 

Special features

The game has a wild symbol in the form of a purple witch, which can substitute all the regular symbols of the game. The game is based upon a mathematical order. The Moving walls mechanism is triggered by the winning cluster and their formation reels to the synchronization of the reels. The odd reels move in the vertical direction and horizontal direction once the first winning amount is paid. 

Bonus features

The key is the scatter symbol of the game. Getting 2 keys in the same view can trigger the Treasure Chamber Free spins feature. 


The game is an interesting venture that will take the players across various stages and experiences.

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Game Summary

Name: Treasure Heroes

Author: Darren Henley