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One of the 40 Blackjack variations released by Microgaming, Vegas Downtown Blackjack is a standard and simple game without any complicated rules or any other special requirements. Check it out at Bluefox casino; both the free versions as well as the real money version are currently available. 

Introduction to Vegas Downtown Blackjack

If you have a good idea of the general blackjack rules, you will have no problem with Vegas Downtown Blackjack too. The general rules that work for the original game work for this variation too. Some of them include: 

1. The dealer hits on a soft 17 and stands on a hard 17.

2. Players blackjack beats dealer’s blackjack. Players have an opportunity to get natural blackjack if they are dealt an Ace and a 10 value card during the initial hand. The payout for blackjack is 3:2.

3. Players are allowed to split for up to 3 times; players can only play up to 4 different hands in a single game.

4. There are no restrictions with doubling down, and players are allowed to do so after the initial hand, irrespective of the cards in hand. The only catch is players are provided only one card and are required to bet the same as the initial bet.

5. Players are also allowed to split in case of identical cards or identical value cards (in case of 10 value cards). 

How is this game different from the other versions? 

The one major difference with Vegas Downtown Blackjack as compared to the other versions is that it is only played with 2 decks, where each deck of cards comes with a standard 52 cards. This makes the game very simple to play and also provides it with one of the lowest house edges at 0.39%, making it one of the most preferred games, especially by amateurs. The other variations include: 

1. This game comes with an insurance option

2. Microgaming has not provided the surrender option in this version

3. Finally, in this game players are allowed to re-split Aces 

Special aspects of the game 

As stated above, Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack is available in a multi-hand option. Additionally, since this version is played only with 2 decks, it is ideal for people who are looking to learn or practice card counting. And since this is an online casino game, card counting can be used to win without the fear of being detected! 


Since this game is played with only two decks and there is no continuous shuffling employed, it is ideal as a beginner game. And once this is mastered, you can check out the other versions too!

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Game Summary

Name: Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Author: Darren Henley