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Vikings Ransom is a creative slot game, which has seen a sudden upsurge in its popularity. What sets this game apart is its unique execution to get the users involved completely, through its interactive platform. With easy accessibility and functioning on all sorts of devices like mobile phones, tablets and PC, Viking's Ransom has something in store for players of all kinds.

Basic layout

The Vikings Ransom has an innovative and creative interface, which has been heavily based on the theme of Vikings. It has an unconventional setting for a reel game, Vikings rely on the usage of colossal symbols, which have originated from the careful analysis of numerous sources. It allows users to pair up various reels to display colossal symbols. The transformation of wilds into colossal symbols enables the user to generate more free spins, with the upper limit pertaining to 40 free spins. 


There is a heavy usage of colossal symbols, which can be seen heavily along with the backdrop of the game. There are four essential symbols, including hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. One can also spot the juxtaposition of other famous graphic symbols like, hammers and axes, which are also accompanied by two crucial figures in the game, male Viking and female Viking. Male Viking is the more rewarding of the two figures, but the entrance of berserker is crucial for substituting the other symbols.


There is a feature for placing live bets on all sorts of games available across the platform. A user-friendly chat box has been introduced to allow the players to communicate among themselves and with the dealers. One can easily get their doubts clarified and learn new tricks along with the pace of the game. A user can utilize the customized tab to get a better grip over the game, using the free plays and automatic spins. The automatic spins can be easily increased with the help of the Viking longships, which are quite a welcome sight here, unlike their conventional symbolism of bad luck. The Berserker free spin benefits come into the picture when 3,4,5,6 spread across the reels, which in turn provide 8,12,15,20 free spins, respectively. One of the most attractive features of the free spins is that the landing of any wild symbol may trigger the berserker free spin, which would lead to the adding up of a random number of wild symbols across the reels.


This game has a high potential to mark its breakthrough in the world of the casino through its innovative and creative venture into the field.

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Game Summary

Name: Viking’s Ransom

Author: Darren Henley