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In VIP Roulette Live by renowned software developer Evolution Gaming, you have a high octane roulette game. Imagine playing 80 roulette rounds in one minute. That's what you get when you play this roulette game. What's more, you can play as many rounds as you can manage with just 20p per round. If you are a high stakes roulette player, you are not left out as you can place bets as high as £20,000 per round. Read on to know more about this online casino game.

VIP Roulette Live Available Only In Real Money Mode

You can not play VIP Roulette Live on any other game mode other than real one mode. So if you are keen on playing a couple of games before deciding on placing a bet, this game is not for you. You have to place your bets before any game is played on Bluefox Casino.

This roulette is also available on instant play and mobile mode. With an internet-enabled iOS or Android mobile device, you can start playing a game once you place your bet. Real money mode keeps you on your toes as you have something to lose, but with 20p per round, the stakes are not that high.

Live With Love From Riga

To ensure that this online roulette game is as realistic as possible, Evolution Gaming studios in Riga, Latvia are responsible for the live feeds. The graphics and sound of VIP Roulette Live are ultra-realistic. The croupiers are very friendly and on hand to provide whatever assistance you need.

The house edge of this online roulette is 2.70% and as mentioned earlier, players can expect to play as many as 80 rounds every minute. This is pretty frenetic pace and you will do well just to keep pace. With the fast gameplay comes more wins and payouts which are really the bottom line.

VIP Roulette Live Payouts

Speaking of payouts, VIP Roulette Live can see you earn frequent, but small payouts. Your expected payout per round will depend on the bet that you place. As is typical with roulette games, you can place Inside or Outside bets. With this particular roulette game, bets can be placed even when the wheel is spinning.

What is not allowed is bets placed as the wheel slows to a stop. Placing bets while the wheel is spinning can be a good tactic if done right. You should know that the La Partage rule is in operation in this game and players will receive half of their stake where the spinning ball on the wheel stops on zero (0). Players can earn a 1 to 1 payout or 35 to 1 payout for the inside/outside bets placed.

To Sum Up

The La Partage rule, 80 rounds in 60 seconds gameplay and live action makes VIP Roulette Live an intriguing game. Each round is also played with high-quality high definition cameras. Players can change camera angles at will to get the best view while they play.

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Name: VIP Roulette Live

Author: Darren Henley