The Real Deal Behind Blackjack Insurance

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Let us start from the basics. What is blackjack insurance? A blackjack insurance is offered to all the players when the dealer has an ace as the face-up card. This insurance works as a side bet. It stands at a valuation of half of your original wager and pays out at 2 to 1. So, it is ideally sought after in a scenario where the dealer already has an ace up and you are confident that their next card will give them a blackjack. Hence, the term ‘blackjack insurance’. 

When is the right time to take blackjack insurance? If the dealer has an ace as the up-card and you are ascertaining that his second card will get him a blackjack, then it is ideal that you opt for an insurance. You should take into account two factors here – will the dealer’s second card have a value of 10 and do you have a hand of 15 or more. If yes, then it is safe to take the blackjack insurance. There is one-in-three chances of a blackjack hit. If it is a blackjack then you are insured and if not you lose your insurance. 

Is blackjack insurance worth it? The certainty of having your hand insured is always a plus. And in many cases the insurance might work to your favor. But, in the long run you end up losing a lot of money. It has been observed by many that players usually end up losing more than half of their insurance bets. In essence, if you are not pro at the game and if you aren’t good with basic strategy or card-counting, there is a high chance that you might end up losing a lot of money as insurance. 

To the question of when to take Blackjack Insurance? The answer lies uncertain. You don’t know when that doomsday will strike and if that happens, you won’t have much time to pull everything together. So, you gamers should be always prepared and at any time, the bell will ring to take the insurance. The possibility of an unexpected blackout can never be ruled out. So, it’s always better to plan ahead of your card shuffles. Isn’t that the right thing to do? 

When should we take that Insurance?

An upcard level is the best time to always pluck the insurance. And if you have 15 or more in your hand, that’s the right time to get the insurance so that nothing goes wasted. Even with this strategy, if you lose, you won’t lose much. This is why, the pioneers always say that, it’s always to stay away from insurance and other geeky things when it comes to blackjack. To the question of ‘is blackjack insurance safe’? The answer will always be subjective and differing. So, are you ready to get some of it now? Or do you want to think about it ? 

Winning isn’t Everything here.

What are the odds of winning insurance bets? That also is somewhat less precision giving. It all depends upon how well you play here to call the game a real winning game. So, what the master’s say here is, play some demos in the first place and then go towards the real thing. Do some trail runs before you call for real.

All insurances have its own complications and getting the real deal out of will take some time, but it all depends upon how much your hand has and what’s your score at that time. No one can precisely tell you how much you can get and how much you can save. It all depends upon the game’s trajectory and the overall settlement that you are ready to give in.

In a way, ​​Blackjack Insurance depends upon the variations too. These will change according to your game and this is something which you can’t predict anyway. So, it’s better to stick to your game with the very low bet profile and spin. That’s the way towards a clean blackjack game

So, now it’s your turn to play the blackjack strategy and get those Blackjack Insurance. You never know what stays behind each of those gaming corners. But if you are ready and willing to take a tiny risk, you certainly can enjoy everything which these blackjacks propose. So, let’s make some noise and get ready for the Insurance claims.  

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Name: The Real Deal Behind Blackjack Insurance

Posted On: 25/04/2023

Author: Darren Henley