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Learn about Top Blackjack Players

In the world of casinos, Blackjack is one of the top-rated online casino games that people enjoy. The simple rules and lucrative odds attract more players to engage in the game. To beat the dealer and increase your winning chances, all you have to do is try to score as close to 21 as possible.

In the history of Blackjack, there are a number of top Blackjack players who have successfully mastered the game and made their mark in the industry. These players knew exactly when to split and when to double down. If you are an enthusiastic Blackjack player, you would definitely want to know about the renowned players. Here is a list of the top Blackjack players you must have an idea about. Let’s explore!

Have you ever heard about the book ‘Blackjack for Blood’? Well, the author of this book is Bryce Carlson. He started playing the game of Blackjack back in the 1970s. Soon, he became a pro player by discussing and learning different strategies from the top players. Concealment, card strategy, and team play are among the best-known abilities of Bryce Carlson.

Carlson always wanted to help other players to learn to play Blackjack in the best possible way. That is why he published a book that would guide enthusiastic players. With the evolution of online Blackjack games in the late 1990s, Carlson also started playing them. His core aim was to defeat the casinos and gain an edge.

Bryce Carlson is also popular for developing an Omega II Blackjack machine that was meant to help in analysing his Blackjack gaming performance. He even created software similar to the Omega II Blackjack Casino.

When it is about the top Blackjack players, you cannot forget Don Johnson. He is quite popular for winning more than USD 15 million by playing at 3 casinos in Atlantic City in a span of six months.

In one of the instances, Johnson was successful in earning USD 800,000 on a single hand. That’s quite hard to believe. However, it did really happen. It was just the beginning of a 6-month winning streak of Johnson. None of the casinos found him to be involved in Blackjack back counting.  

Standford Wong is the pen name of John Ferguson, who is a well-known gambling author. He has written a number of professional Blackjack books. While Wong was in graduate school, he started his journey as a professional Blackjack player. He viewed it as a source of earning money while studying. When he was still a student, his first book was released in the year 1975.

Stanford Wong also holds the credit for inventing the Blackjack Analyser. It is software that helps in analysing the Blackjack odds. In the year 1985, he established a team in order to participate in Blackjack and various other gambling competitions. The team was successful in winning 8 events. The total prize money they won was more than USD 200,000. Wong has been successful in producing about 12 gambling manuals.

Henry Tamburin is the author of the book named “Blackjack: Take the Money and Run”. When he was in graduate school, he played the game of Blackjack for the very first time. He experienced a lot of losses in the game. However, he was very determined to learn the game and recover from his losses. 

Being from a mathematical background, it was easy for Henry to get hold of the basic Blackjack methods and card counting. He went to a number of gaming conventions in order to hone his skills and abilities. He enjoyed learning from the professional Blackjack players. 

Currently, Henry is popular as the publisher and editor of “Blackjack Insider Newsletter”. Through his website, Smart Gaming, he aims to educate and help players to learn the strategies to gamble smartly.

Next on the list is Russ Hamilton. He is one of the fine Blackjack players in the US. Initially, he was interested in the game of poker. However, after visiting Las Vegas, he developed an inclination for Blackjack. There he competed with several Blackjack players. 

Organisations like Ultimate Bet often take the advice of Hamilton for addressing gaming-related issues. However, later, he was held responsible for cheating at Ultimate Bet. Due to the hoax, his image in the industry suffered a lot. 


These are some of the top Blackjack players of all time. Blackjack is indeed an exciting game that keeps attracting more and more players. If you are also interested in playing the game, make sure to know the basics, like Blackjack split, double down, and more. Select a trustworthy casino platform and engage in your favourite variants of the Blackjack game.

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