Live Casino Games

We, at Bluefox Casino, continuously strive to bring the best of live casino games to you. With live casino games, you get double excitement down from your land-based casino wagering experience. This is because unlike the situation that you had before, that of waiting in the queue for your chance to play, here you can get in the game immediately after you go online.

The advent of technology is a big boost to casino businesses and a relief to players. With our online live casino games, you can sit back in the comfort of your couch at home and engage in the best mobile casino games that you like. It’s all possible through the streaming of live video of the game that you will be playing among other online players.

All You See in the Live Casino Is Real

You can interact with the players, the dealer and can see the money on the line that is being played for. This is the best experience of online betting. You are never disconnected from the land-based experience. Online casino games have a chat feature that will allow you to chat with the participating members, and more specifically the dealer. Just like the way you communicate with the dealer at a brick-and-mortar casino, the live chat feature gives you that ability in this online game.

The Management of the Live Casino Game

With the real live dealer always active and overseeing all operations, the Live Casino game will be fully under control. The live feed of audio and video helps you to hear and see everything that they are doing. You hence can ask the dealer anything that relates to the game you will be playing at that moment.

The Actual Live Game

Playing live online blackjack is as simple and easy. You simply login to your account and pick that favourite game. The video link will come up and the players will be taken to a live online studio. The dealer greets the players before the commencement of the game. After that, the game starts when everyone is settled in his or her place.

The Rules of the Live Casino Games

The regular rules that you are used to in the usual online casino games are the same that you will encounter here. There is, however, a slight difference, which is that the dealer will, in this case, be taking the dealing cards, the bets, starting or ending the game. In the usual situation, you are used to following the betting software in other online casino games.

The Game Cannot Be Rigged

Some players may think that a live roulette or any other live mobile casino game can be compromised to favour the house or another player. That is however not the case because the live video stream is not interrupted during the play. It’s kept live from the beginning to the end so that all players can see the hands of the dealer always including the roulette wheel and the decks of cards. So, you can be assured of complete transparency over here.