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Auto-Roulette La Partage Live is a new variant of Roulette designed by Evolution gaming and this is one of the variants with the lowest house edge of all. This is one of the best choices for the players who want to play games with low stakes and less risk. The game is available to play on all kinds of mobile as well as tablet devices.

How Does Auto-Roulette La Partage Live Look?

The very first thing that is required in a Roulette live game is the video quality and Auto-Roulette La Partage Live offers excellent video and audio quality for its players. The players will be able to enjoy the La Partage rule which lets the players keep half of their bets if the ball lands on zero. This is the reason that the house edge for this game is really low.

On the screen, players will see a cream coloured roulette table with the betting options mentioned There is also a single zero Roulette wheel given for the players. Different camera angles make playing this game even more exciting for the players. Betting starts from as low as £1 and goes as high as £5000.

The Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Auto-Roulette La Partage Live is just like any other roulette game. The only difference is that this game will have single-zero layouts and will be much faster than the other live games because of the automatic Roulette wheel. Another feature that stands out is the La Partage Rule which lowers the house edge of this game and lets the players make bigger wins. There is a live chat feature where the players can interact amongst themselves.

The game is easy. Players will be asked to place their bets and the bets will be locked in. There is one normal Roulette betting table and the other one is the racecourse betting table. Players can bet on each of these by selecting the coins. The roulette wheel is shown at one side of the table that spins automatically and players can look at it from different angles. When the ball lands on a number, the results are announced and players are rewarded.  

To Sum Up

Players who are looking for a good Roulette game with a single zero layout that has a higher payout for the players should try out this version of auto-roulette. The best part about Auto-Roulette La Partage Live is that the live streaming is high definition and the sound quality is amazing. Players will be able to get all of the extra information about the game from the info section as there is no live dealer.

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Game Summary

Name: Auto-Roulette La Partage Live

Author: Darren Henley