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People who are looking for a fast-paced Roulette game to entertain them in their free time are in luck because Evolution Gaming has created their own Auto-Roulette Live game that lets the player play about 60-80 games every hour and it works with the help of an automatically rotating wheel. The Roulette is just like any other standard European Roulette game and the players can have a real-time casino game playing experience while playing this Live Roulette.

First Look and Feel of Auto-Roulette Live

Roulette games are some of the most famous casino games and when the players get a chance to play them from the comforts of their homes, they become the best entertainment source. This is just what Auto-Roulette Live offers to the players. The players will be impressed by the look of this Roulette game just in the first look. The players have a chance to play 24/7 whenever they want which is not the case with the normal live casino games. Since there is no live dealer, new games keep starting every now and then and the players do not have to wait in order to be a part of the live gaming experience. The betting table is red in colour and looks beautiful. The players can have a good look at the table while betting and the wheel while it rotates with the help of different camera angles.

The Gameplay and Betting

The betting in Auto-Roulette Live is done as per the standard European Roulette rules. There is only one 0 available on the wheel. As soon as the player buys a chip and places a bet on one of the sections of the betting table, the wheel will start spinning. If the ball lands on the number that the player has selected, they will get paid. The players can easily adjust the size of their bets and other things from the bottom bar of the game screen. The players can also access the game on their mobiles and tablets to play it on the go.

To Sum Up

All in all Auto-Roulette Live is a live Roulette experience that every player should have. The video quality of the game is amazing and the players will be able to place the bets and make the spins smoothly. The players can also access all the information about the game in the information section which can be a big help for the beginners. So, wait no more and start playing.

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Game Summary

Name: Auto-Roulette Live

Author: Darren Henley