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Evolution Gaming introduces a game that allows players from all around the world to come and play together at a table, against a real-life dealer! Blackjack B Live is a variant of the standard classic game of blackjack. The game features all the classic elements of blackjack that is enjoyed by millions around the world. Its huge popularity has been an incentive that has allowed many software developers and producers to feature a plethora of game variants.

The online casino market is adept in catering to the needs of this growing popularity and thus, professionals and gamblers will never face any difficulty in finding some unique variants of this classic game.

Key features of Blackjack B Live:

Blackjack B Live offers a table with 7 players and a dealer to deal out the cards. It involves standard gameplay involving 8 decks of card and a small dealing shoe machine that helps to shuffle the decks. The game is broadcasted live from a location predominantly in the European region. And thus, gameplay would be featured in the English language. The table offered is a general layout and involves the same representations that are found to be the standard anywhere else. There are chat layouts as well as different viewing layouts that help players have the complete experience of playing blackjack in a virtual environment, without having to compromise on quality.

Playing features and payouts in Blackjack B Live:

Like any game of a classic blackjack, this game too involves playing features like Side bets (which are displayed on the table for the easy accessibility for players), Bet Behind feature that allows players to bet on the hands of other players, Insurance option when the dealer is holding an Ace, and so on.

Payouts are quite decent and follow the same trail of format that is followed in the classic gameplay. Suited Trips, Perfect Pair, 21+3 and a Blackjack win offer one of the highest payouts, apart from the other payout options available to players.

Final thoughts about Blackjack B Live:

The game is a fun-filled experience and is a must for professionals and new entrants alike who are looking for the same experience as a casino but in a virtual environment! Head on today to gain this experience of a lifetime.

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Name: Blackjack B Live

Author: Darren Henley